Race Report 20 February 2016

What a lovely weekend it was, starting with some rain on Friday and ended with awesome racing on Saturday! The 2nd event for 2016, the 1st Regionals 2016, the Nationals preparation race... this was good,!!!

I have a “soft” spot for the Midgets and Late Models, but I must hand it to the 2.1 Mod race drivers. They entertained, with had an utterly awesome evening of racing!! Every single 2.1 driver was in there, breathing exhaust fumes, waiting to take advantage. Well done 2.1 Modifieds, you were a pleasure to watch!

Unfortunately not everyone had a trouble free event. Fanie in Late Model T222 started Heat 1 in pole position, but unfortunately we encountered problems with the carburettor. Trust Fanie and crew to have it sorted before the Nationals! The red dragon of Hendrik Beets was also handing him some unexpected problems. Hendrik will make sure he is back for the Nationals!

Mr “Outlaw” Wessel Rabe found his groove again, stirring the pack, entertaining the crowd, ensuring action packed racing. Stukkie vd Merwe made sure we all remembered that motorsport is a dangerous sport... the accident was well handled by the scruitenering staff, marshals and medical staff. Everyone has a crucial role to play – thankfully Jacques got out of the, still able to jog to the infield. Hope to see him at the Nationals.

Tiaan Louw’s car decided to do an oil change and he had to retire for the evening. CJ Vos had a brilliant evening, landing him on the podium. Morne Groenewald also had a great outing. The car/driver combination is going in the right direction. Mr Prinsloo, you have been awfully quite, no more podium stands, no more “Elvis on the move”....hope to see more of you, soon!

As the dust settles and the thunder fades... the results were as follow:

1660’s     1st JP Du Plessis Jr

               2nd Marius Vos

               3rd Schalk vd Westhuizen

2.1 Mod     1st Matthew Jefferies

                  2nd Brennon Green

                  3rd Frikkie Marais

Hotrods     1st Kyle Huddlestone

                 2nd Bryan Grimbeek

                 3rd Pierre Kotze

Midgets     1st Wessel Rabe

                 2nd Johann Moller

                 3rd Eerick Horn

V8’s     1st Altru De Klerk

            2nd Morne Groenewald

            3rd Johan Groenewald

Late Models     1st Gabrie Gelderblom

                        2nd Eerick Horn

                        3rd Chris Liebenberg

The Lap Times for the classes were as follow:

1660                       20.55     Schalk vd Westhuizen    (Current Record 20.26 by Christiaan Richter)

2.1 Mods                 19.76     Hansie Moore                   (Current Record 19.14 by Hansie Moore)

Hotrods                19.72     Bryan Grimbeek               (Current Record 19.38 by Bryan Grimbeek)

Midgets               16.18     Wessel Rabe                      (Current Record 16.04 by Wessel Rabe)

V8’s                       20.18     Altru De Klerk                    (Current Record 19.14 by Altru De Klerk)

Late Models       16.97     Chris Liebenberg              (Current Record 16.18 by Chris Liebenberg)

These Late Models lap times are scary! They will be able to keep up with a midget…

Now its full steam ahead for the 1st National leg 2016 on 5 of March. Gates will open at 13:00 and there will be entertainment and prizes for the public, starting at 15:00. Racing should start around 19:00.