Race Report 30 January 2016

And so the start of the long awaited second half of the 2015/2016 season…

Welcome back, trust you all had a blessed festive season with family and friends; With all the parallel events running in Cape Town, Tygerberg for fortunate to have their stands packed. Thank you supporters, we appreciate your loyalty towards the club and sport.

Welcome to the new comers in the club. Drivers spend hours working on their cars, and we are fortunate to have the quality cars and driver combination at Tygerberg. Thank you for all the hard work, we enjoy the result thereof in the unforgettable show you people put up event after event.

Tygerberg Raceway will be hosting Regional and National events for 2016. The next race meeting is scheduled for 20 February of the regional series.

The voice of Tygerberg Raceway, Mr Flemming also had a surprise up his sleeve and a 1st for him. His son, Gavin joined him for the evening commentating. Well done Gavin!

The 1660’s class kicked off with 21 entries for the evening. Christiaan Richter is currently leading the class with Schalk vd Westhuizen breathing in his neck, with a 2 points difference. Ex TR driver, Wayne Skinner visited from George Motor club. Thank you Wayne, always welcome. Juan Verwey was haunted by gremlins in the 1st heat. We trust Juan to sort out his car before the 1st Regionals. Marius Vos kept a close eye on Schalk, as both made it clear that they are hunting podium positions. A sub-class in the 1660’s, called the 3-wheeler made it’s appearance on the track. Unfortunately we had only one entry, Brendan le Roux. Hope to see more in the near future. This class was not without any … Jacques jnr du Plessis rolled his car on the main stand straight. He managed to crawl out of the car, before the ambulance staff took care of him. Fortunately he escaped with only minor injuries, thanks to rapid response of our medics and marshalls.

The fastest man out was Christiaan Richter, 20.26

Podium standings:

1st Marius Vos, 2nd JP snr Du Plessis and 3rd Tersius Van Tonder

The fast growing 2.1 Modified, had 19 entries for the evening. Roelof Zeeman, from Oudtshoorn motor club visited Tygerberg Raceway for the event. Brennon Green has a 12 point lead in this class, with Matthew Jefferies chasing from behind. Hansie Moore, visited the class determined to take a 1st place for the evening.....and he did! Looking forward to see you back. Bobby Ray has some damage to his car, but we are sure to see the car back on 20 February in mint condition as always.

The fastest man out was Hansie Moore, 19.14

Podium standings:

1st Hansie Moore, 2nd Brennon Green and 3rd Andries Brand

The Hotrod class had 13 entries for the evening. This is 13 of the ultimate best Hotrods in SA! Kyle Huddlestone has a comfortable lead in the class. However, racing can never predicted and he will have to perform till the last checkered flag drops. Bryan Grimbeek, our birthday boy treated himself to an early prezzie....well deserved 1st place for the evening. Bryan drove that flaming dragon like a boss, with Kyle waiting to cash in on every opportunity. Hendrik Beets car, after the final reminded me of the cars used in the Mad Max movie.....After the finals, the red monster of Hendrik Beets reminded me of a Mad Max movie… Hope to see that car in full beauty restored at next event, TRW driver’s takes great pride in their rides! Michaela Norman had some oil gremlins during heat 1, also eying that season podium position.

The fastest man out there was Bryan Grimbeek, 19.38

Podium standings were as follow:

1st Bryan Grimbeek, 2nd Kyle Huddlestone and 3rd Nicky Koegelenberg

And then the fearless midgets… Wessel Rabe is leading the class with point, but there is a close battle for the current 2nd and 3rd position between Dante De Ronde and Eerick Horn. I think Eerick had some eyes on the program booklet before the race, knowing he had to win this event. And then mr Stukkie vd Merwe had to come and just remind them all, nothing is handed on a plate, you have to work for it. Welcome back Ruhann Horn, he also had a good race event. And then the people currently in front, don’t rest assure. Tol Hanekom is watching you and will collect any point he can put his tyres on!

The fastest man out there was Eerick Horn, 16.74

Podium standings were as follow:

1st Eerick Horn, 2nd Wessel Rabe and 3rd Jacques vd Merwe

The big V8’s had 10 entries for the evening. Gino Meyer was also visiting the race event and hope to see him again. Altru De Klerk is leading the class on point, just keep it consistent. Arrie van Zyl and Tiaan Louw have to collect some podiums here to catch up with him. Duane Prinsloo had some difficulty with his car, having a new engine, but practice makes perfect and during the Finals he was getting there. I would love to see him on the podium again. CJ Vos had some contact in Heat 1 and he had to retire. Hope to see VOSMA T27 on 20 Feb. During Heat 1, Tiaan had to work hard for a win and so he did, getting the podium at the end of the event.

The fastest man out there was Tiaan Louw, 19.58

Podium standings were as follow:

1st Tiaan Louw, 2nd Altru De Klerk and 3rd Johan Groenewald

And the last class for the report, Late Model racing at Tygerberg Raceway! A good turnout and had 10 entries for the event. Uncle Roger Youngs got himself a Late Model and joint the action, T26. Early in the race, it was clear T99 will not rule tonight… Gabrie, PJ, Eerick and Fanie were getting ready for an awesome race meeting. It’s not always possible to explain the speed these drivers do around the track. From the stands, it looks fast. Next to the track, it is fast. On the infield, it’s insanely fast and then there drivers still have to brake and turn these monsters. Saturday again show the class skilled drivers he have. Going into turn one, Danie was closely followed by Chris and Eerick. Danie spun out in the turn, Chris and Eerick now had to do synchronized swerving to outside to avoid a collision, decisions that are made on gravel in split seconds. Fanie came to the track, not feeling well and at one stage was thinking of loading the 222, calling it an evening. I’m so glad he did not… As the saying goes, he drove it like he stole it. Awesome Awesome Awesome Faan. But be aware, PJ is knocking on that 1st position. Karel Bakker had a good evening, getting a top 5 for the night and Izak is also getting the combination sorted between driver, car and engine. I can’t wait for the 20st Feb to witness these drivers entertaining the crowds.

The fastest man out there was Fanie Mostert, 17.37

Podium standings were as follow:

1st Fanie Mostert, 2nd PJ Fourie and 3rd Gabrie Gelderblom

Driver Of The Day was awarded to Eerick Horn, referring to the midget class. Congratulations Eerick!

Thank you oom Japie of Union Signs & Graphix for the trophy.

And that concluded the evening. Thank you to each and every spectator, marshal, staff and driver for your positive contribution in making the event a huge success!

See you all 20 February 2016 for the 1st Regional event 2016.