Race Report : 14 March 2015

Welcome to the second leg of the Regionals 2015. Again awesomeness is written all over it, there is no business like Show Business – Tygerberg Raceway got the groove! It was hard racing with a few unfortunate accidents, but the Lord kept his hand on each driver and all are OK after the lights went out. Like one of the 1660’s drivers said: “This is racing, not ballet!” It is getting to the end of the season and was hard core to the bone.


Lap Times

2.1 Class – 3rd 20.00 ThysValentyn, 2nd 19.96 Pierre Kotze and 1st 19.94 Brennon Green

Hotrods – 3rd 20.20 Nicky Koegelenberg, 2nd 20.18 Han-Koch Brand and 1st 19.62 Hendrik Beets

V8’s – 3rd 20.24 Tiaan Louw, 2nd 20.17 Morne Groenewald and 1st 19.82 Arrie Van Zyl

Midgets – 3rd 16.81 Jacques vd Merwe, 2nd 16.53 Johann Moller and 1st 16.31 Wessel Rabe

1660’s – 3rd 20.93 Juan Verwey, 2nd 20.91 Schalk&Christiaan and 1st 20.70 JP Du Plessiss snr

Late Models – 3rd 17.46 Danie Sandenberg, 2nd 17.28 Chris Liebenberg and 1st 17.04 Izak Spies



We had nine entries in this class. These drivers must be fearless on the track and once again they put up a great show. Wessel “UFO” Rabe drove the alien blood out of his rocket, but Jacques and Johann kept him on his toes. Ruhann had a great evening in his SA monster, but Shawn Jordaan was also in the race to collect silverware, only being his 3rd event at TRW. Unfortunately Eerick Horn and Shawn Jordaan only managed a top 5 in this event, but still collecting valuable regional points. The top 3 was:- 1st Wessel Rabe, 2nd Johann Moller and 3rd Jacques vd Merwe



The Hooligan squad of TRW, the entertainers, Christiaan Richter and Juan Verwey had a huge accident, Christiaan applying for his pilot wings. This was real scary stuff, but then you stand back and watch him getting out of the new Golf Caddy now and you realize the importance of the scrutinize process and the value of those rowel cages. Frans and Rudi had a close wheel inspection on the fly-by, tyre high in the air. And then Christiaan refers to himself as;-WielieWalieRond-Om-Talie Richter. Hope you get that car back on the track quickly. I know there is lots of willing, helping hands. You look at this: 5th place 45 point, 4th place 45 point, 3rd place 45 point, 2nd place 47 point and 1st place 47 point. Wow Wow Wow, 2 point difference between 1st and 5th. Marius Vos had an awesome vehicle recovery in the main straight and was always a serious competitor of note. Juan Verwey grabbed 4th place, the accident prevented him from collecting silverware. When the lights turned red and the chequered flag dropped, the places were as follow:-1st JP Du Plessiss snr, 2nd Willem van Zyl and 3rdSchalk vd Westhuizen.


2.1 Modified

Armand de Villiers and Jaco Warrington managed a top 5. Last event Jaco found himself in the loose gravel a few times, planting mielies. I think he changed the seeds and a great event for him. His getting better out there every time he gets on the track. The lucrative top 3 is coming… 2nd to 5th position was close on points, but Pierre Kotze was on his own point system. When the motors were turned off, the results were as follow:- 1stPierre Kotze, 2ndThys Valentyn and 3rdBrennon Green.



I don’t know if the Hotrods copied the 1660’s or other way around, but between 3rd and 5th there was only 4 point difference. Bryan Grimbeek had a great event, but unfortunately had a wall accident in the finals. He left the track via ambulance, but is OK. Han-Kock Brand and Nicky Koegelenberg both scored 41 points, collecting a top 5 position for the event. The way Hendrik Beets drove that red monster around the track, must be a mini Late Model. When those Hotrods engines were finally tamed, the results were as follow: - 1stHendrik Beets, 2ndLlewllyn Kotze and 3rd Kyle Huddlestone.



A nice turnout for this class as well, 8 cars entered for the event. Tiaan Louw is doing a bit of “network hopping” drove the car of Hennie Bosch. Unfortunately he had to retire early in the event. Duane was again mr Constant, found himself between the front runners. Mark Fontini did some tweaking of his car and that was visible in his performance. Keep doing what you do, you getting there Mark. When the “old boys” went back to the pits, the results were as follow:- 1stAltru De Klerk, 2ndMorne Groenewald and 3rd Mark Fontini.

Thank you Duane for those quick dance lessons…


Late Models

The race event entries started with only 9 cars that entered, but early Saturday morning mr Elvis answered the race track call, making it a 10 pack again. Fanie Mortert tried to move that wall, but found that there was a bigger force than that Late Model – concrete! Hope the damage is minimal and hope to see you at the next event. Danie Sandenberg had to retire at the start of the Finals and Gabrie Gelderblom had a great race event, pushing for that 1st place. Eerick Horn was driving Thysie’s old car under the new 14. He had a nice 3 wheel event around the corners. Chris “Warrior” Liebenberg was again one with his machine, but all was not handed on a plate to him and the rest of the pack made sure about this. JB Lazarus had a good run, had he entered earlier he would have been under the top 3. JB and Izak only managed a top 5 for the evening. When the thunder died in the distance, the results were as follow:- 1st Chris Liebenberg, 2ndGabrie Gelderblom and 3rdEerick Horn.


I think Tygerberg Raceway will have its own Ballroom Dancing Stars at the yearly price giving! This was awesome stuff, the club’s spirit was electrifying!!


Words from Wade Grimbeek: “One realises what a big family you have in the racing fraternity when competitors show their concern the way they have tonight. Thanks to everybody for being true friends. I am truly blessed to be part of Tygerberg Raceway. Here’s to gr8 friends! “


And that concludes the race event. Keep your calendars open for the 18th of April for the next race event.


See you all here!



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