Race Report

21 February 2015

The second race meeting for 2015 and the racing left me speechless… What an awesome race meeting it was. If you missed it, you missed a piece of racing history! It was one of the most exciting events in the history of Tygerberg Raceway.

Lap Times

2.1 Class – 3rd 19.70 Brennon Green, 2nd 19.64 Thys Valentyn and 1st 19.55 Pierre Kotze

Hotrod – 3rd 19.94 Dylan Nel, 2nd 19.61 Hendrik Beets and 1st 19.44 Kyle Huddlestone

V8’s – 3rd 19.88 Arrie Van Zyl, 2nd 19.43 Tiaan Louw and 1st 19.42 Altru De Klerk

Midgets – 3rd 17.03 Eerick Horn, 2nd 16.96 Wessel Rabe and 1st 16.41 Johann Moller

1660’s – 3rd 20.46 Willie Richter, 2nd 20.40 Jean-Pierre Du Plessis and 1st 20.36 Tersius Van Tonder


This was tough racing, from beginning to end. Willie Richter pushed hard for a top 3, but had to settle for 4th place. Vosma’s, Marius Vos had a brilliant race event, always finding him among the top 5 cars. Your winner for the class had to fight his way from the back of the pack, collecting that 1st place.

1st Tersius van Tonder, 2nd Marius Vos and 3rd Schalk Van Der Westhuizen

2.1 Modified

Jaco Warrington found himself on the loose gravel a few times and only managed to grab a top 5 for the evening. Next time Jaco. The top 3 in this class really put together a great show. The point difference between 3rd and 2nd, was only 2 points and between 2nd and 1st 6 points.

1st Pierre Kotze, 2nd Thys Valentyn and 3rd Brennon Green


Michaela Norman managed a top 5 in the class and beating her to the 4th place, Nicky Koegelenberg with only 2 point difference. Han-Koch Brand also had a brilliant return to the race track. Dylan had some gremlins in the second heat, but commitment/determination brought him to the podium. Dylan missed the No1 podium with only 2 points.

1st Hendrik Beets, 2nd Dylan Nel and 3rd Han-Koch Brand


Jacques and Dante managed a 5th and 4th position for the evening. At the end of the evening, there was only 8 points difference between 1st 2nd 3rd. What can I say:- “Rooi Is Mooi” and Johann Moller drove that 58 Midget to the limit. I think I heard the commentators refer to him at one stage as... Malkoppie.

1st Johann Moller, 2nd Eerick Horn and 3rd Wessel Rabe

Heavy Metals

Johan Mills was the only competitor in this class, grabbing the No1 trophy. But rumours are that we might see him in a 8 Cylinder at the next event…


Tight racing, but all clean with no major hick-ups. Mark Fontini, busy sorting out his car, managed to grab a top 5 for the evening. Keep your eyes on Mr Fontini JNR. The Lexus class is impressive with some good prepared cars. At the drop of the flag, the points difference in the top 3 positions were 3 points.

1st Altru De Klerk, 2nd Arrie Van Zyl and 3rd Morne Groenewald

Late Models

Chris Liebenberg started heat 1, being the old Mr Late Model, lapping most of the competitors. Heat 2 was owned “JB Lazarus Property”. JB had a brilliant race in heat 2, with Izak Spies and Chris breathing in this neck. He kept his race line and pushed his T15 to the limit. The finals had to be re started, with the COC having to step in to calm the drivers. Gabrie Gelderblom and Fanie Mostert managed a top 5 for the evening. Eerick Horn collected silver in both Midget and Late Model class.

1st Izak Spies, 2nd JB Lazarus and 3rd Eerick Horn

WP Colours

The Western Province Motorsport Colours were also awarded at the prize giving. The 1st   position received a WP badge. All winners received a WP number plate with a car sticker.   Well done to all our winners, proud to have you as part of Tygerberg Raceway.                


Here they are now, your hero’s! WP Jou Lekker Ding!

1660 WP 2014

1st Jean-Pierre Du Plessis (jnr), 2nd Jacques Du Plessis & 3rd Tersius Van Tonder

2.1 Modified WP 2014

1st Thys Valentyn, 2nd Leigh DeWet & 3rd Pierre Kotze


1st Bryan Grimbeek, 2nd Dylan Nel & 3rd Han-Koch Brand


1st Eerick Horn & Jacques Van Der Merwe, 2nd Johann Moller & 3rd Wessel Rabe


1st Hennie Bosch, 2nd Duane Prinsloo & 3rd Bennie Olivier

Late Models

1st Eerick Horn, 2nd Danie Sandenberg & 3rd Chris Liebenberg

Thank you everyone for a memorable race evening. The next event will be on 7 March, 1st round of the Nationals 2015 in PE. The next event at Tygerberg Raceway will be 14 March.

See you all here!