Race Report

29 November 2014

A warm welcome to the last event for the year. The 2014 ended on a high note, with another, very successful evening at Tygerberg Raceway.

A legend, well known in the oval family, du Toit van der Merwe passed away in the week. Our prayers are with his family. We will miss him, and will never forget his true dedication to the sport.

As a walked through the pits, two things caught my eye… Izak Spies was off loading his new Late Model and the Ford Escourt MK1 of Steven Buys ( I need one for Christmas!)

The atmosphere was electric, everybody on a high for the last event of the year!

Thys Valentyn started the evening with a pole position. All friendships set aside when flag drops. Thys, leading the Regionals on points, had Leigh and Pierre closing the gap on points. Tersius De Kock had struck bad luck, and had to park his car for the event. Rumour has it, that they are building a new engine for next year. Tersius Van Tonder heated up the action, with his AWETU golf....did not take too long for the Golf to use only 3 wheels around the corners. The COC, Phil and Morne made all races run smooth to ensure everybody’s safety on the track. The finals kicked off with Pierre Kotze on pole, and Thys Valentyn next to him. The checked flagged dropped, with Pierre Kotze 1st Thys Valentyn 2nd and Brennon Green 3rd

This class is growing every meeting, entertaining the crowds with their fearless approach. The competition was fierce, with Ruhann crawling up to Eerick on points. The event started with single digits differences between places 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position. In this sport we have only ONE winner, with the results as follows. 1st Eerick Horn, 2nd Ruhann Horn, 3rd Johann Moller.

What a pleasure to see the number of cars on the track. Hennie Bosch entered the evening with a comfortable lead on points. “Mr Constant” Duanne was ready to fill the gap, should Hennie encounter any problem. It was hard, clean racing with all the drivers entertaining the crowd to the final drop of the flag. Results as follows. 1stAttie Nel, 2nd Hennie Bosch, 3rd Altru De Klerk.

Talking hard core racing... you’re probably referring to the Hotrod class. Bryan Grimbeek and Michaela Norman entertained the spectators with a head on head dice. The Grimbeek father and son combination had an awesome outing, with Wade(father)creeping up on Bryan (son). Hendrik Beets bent like a flexi around the corners, but unfortunately him and Gert Brink snr connected, resulting Hendrik to retire for the evening. When the cars left the track, it was 1st Kyle Huddlestone, 2nd Bryan Grimbeek and 3rd Dylan Nel. Michaela Norman ended 4th for the evening, which makes 1st to 4th under 20 of age. This is what the sport needs, but remember that “experience” in not a school subject!!!

And so the Ford MK1 entered the area. People were cheering as he went around. Jean-Pierre Du Plessis jnr had pole in the 1st heat, also leading the score board for the Regional event. Mechanical gremlins forced him to retire for the evening, after just 1 lap. Mr. COC had to step in, holding the black flag to ensure calmness and safety! Marius Vos is climbing the ladder, and his performance can only spice up 2015. Marius was also awarded the Driver of The Day trophy. Well done Marius, keep up the excellent racing! The end results were as follow: 1st Tersius Van Tonder, 2nd Marius Vos, 3rd Chris Etzebeth

9 Late Models entered the battle field ............and a WAR it was!!!! JB Lazerus had some differential problems sorted out in the past week and Chris Liebenberg came out with a new Late Model.(apparently Minka’s car!) Eerick’s day started early with a Karting event in JHB, flying back to be in time for the oval event. He, as always, gave his very best to entertain all spectators. Karting, Midgets, Late Models - What a driver! Chris and Karel Bakker were involved in accident in Heat 1, resulting both to be out for the 1st heat. JB’s T15 encountered drive shaft problems, and that put an end to his event. Chris made a comeback in heat 3. Fanie and Altru were involved in an accident and both had to retire. Izak drove like a champ, keeping it consistent throughout the event. The evening came to an end with Eerick Horn 1st Izak Spies 2nd and Danie Sandenbergh 3rd.

DO4SA 2014…..
The MSA gala evening is held on 7 December, at Emperor’s palace in Johannesburg. The Protea blazers will be awarded to the Hotrod and 2.1 Modified team. The DO4SA champions are also invited and will be rewarded with a SA1 trophy. Congratulations to all winners!

Excellent, excellent racing!! Thanks to all the DO4SA officials, we appreciate your time and effort. To all Tygerberg Raceway members, officials and racing friends...........Merry Christmas and Happy 2015. Keep safe!