2014/2015 Season Opener / 4th Regionals

Tygerberg Raceway once again proof that it the BEST and BIGGEST Raceway in South Africa.

We had some good clean tight racing for the evening.  The battle for the evening were between JP(Jnr) Du Plessis and Christiaan Richter.  This is going to be an exciting season with many TOP Class drivers. 

We would like to thank each and every supporter for filling up the stands.

And then a BIG thanks for the people behind the scene for preparing an awesome track for the race event.

Best times for the evening per class:

1. Christiaan Richter: 20.83
2. Daniel Renneson: 20.95
3. Jp Jnr Du Plessis: 21:00

2.1 Mods:
1. Pierre Kotze: 20.18
2. Leigh De Wet: 20.33
3. Brennon Green: 20.48

1. Hendrik Beets: 20.07
2. Tiaan Louw: 20.23
3. Han-Koch Brand: 20.59

1. Hennie Bosch: 19.77
2. Altru De Klerk: 19.88
3. Arrie V Zyl: 20.23

Late Models:
1. Chris Liebenberg : 17.70
2. Eerick Horn: 18.47
3. JB Lazarus: 18:52

And You Winners Are