Franky's Race Report 2014/05/10

Hi and welcome to the final round of the 2013/14 club championships at Tygerberg Raceway. It’s been a season like no other with out of the drawer racing. The quality of racing has been nothing short of breathtaking from the opening meeting in September till the final one here in May, from club events to regionals, from nationals to internationals, from WP colours to SA colours, we’ve seen it all and had it all. So one knew that the club finals would be no different.





Tiaan Scott, Brendan le Roux, Zack Groenewald, Tersius v Tonder, Donovan Jarman, Lynton di Meola, Schalk vd Westhuizen, Shawn Bester, Shaun Collstrup, JP du Plessis, JP du Plessis (JNR), Jacques du Plessis, Dirk Bosman, Willie Richter, Christiaan Richter, Wayne Skinner, Barend Spies, Willem v Zyl and Rudi v Noordwyk all through their names into the hat to have a go at each other and it was a mixture from TRW, CHD and KRW that had a go at each other from the getgo. The Du Plessis clan continued their juggernaught roadshow and they set the benchmark very high to be caught but the Richter family as usual put their hands up to have a go at them, Tersius v Tonder also put his hand up but sadly had car issues from race 2 onwards that resulted in his retirement before the event was done. DSC_1059.jpgZack Groenewald was another one that went like the merry clappers but sadly for him the Golf’s engine got damaged. Wayne Skinner in his “swansong” event also had issues and retired before the night was done. Barend Spies had a night he’d rather forget when firstly he tangled with Schalk vd Westhuizen exit T2 on L1 and made slight contact with the wall but no hard was done and he could continue, vd Westhuizen could not, then as the race went on he hammered the same wall exit T2 and that was the end of that for Barend Spies thereafter. During the finals of the evening Willem v Zyl also came out of T2 and also plastered himself in the exact same place, same result. Shawn Bester who only has a half a season under his belt is proving to everyone that he is a true racer and for a rookie is improving in leaps and bounds….. After all the action was done it was….. 1st JP du Plessis, 2nd Christiaan Richter, 3rd Jacques du Plessis.



DSC_0695.jpgThis class saw as much action as the 1660’s did. Christo Kotze, John Beighton, Matthew Jefferies, Jaco Warrington, Leigh de Wet, Armand de Villiers, Dewald de Villiers, Michaela Norman, Eugene Zoghby, Tetsius de Kock, Guido Serotti, Thys Valentyn and the tin tops of Gavin Fleming, Pieter Meyer and Mariette Brand, all did some serious racing out there. This class was full of entertainment as in heat 2 a couple of dreaded black flags was handed out to a few drivers for on track tactics that didn’t impress the COC, Dewald de Villiers was the first to receivDSC_0725.jpge the black flag and shortly after him it was Michaela Norman. Eugene Zoghby made contact with the wall exit T2 with some severe damage to the front end of his car which resulted in his retirement. Thys Valentyn also had what I believe to be an mechanical issue and retired his car up against the wall also in T2. Pieter Meyer had an decent race 1 but retired the Beetle half way in race 2 with mechanical gremlins. John Beighton had a slip and slide show and was more in the mud than out of it but he had a blast in the end and the rookie was smiling from ear to ear after the race event. Gavin Fleming is getting faster and faster with each outing and he was dumping that Golf of his around the track with wild abandone and during the 2nd heat was getting ever so close to the flexi of Armand de Villiers but could just not get close enough to him, during the finals he made a move up on the inside of one of our new drivers who closed the door on him causing minor damage to the left side of his car, it also resulted in him spinning around and was lucky not to make contact with the wall. Jaco Warrington had the drive of his life and did the best he’s ever done and drove above himself….. DSC_2192.jpgWhen all the drama was done it was….. 1st Jaco Warrington, 2nd Armand de Villiers, 3rd Matthew Jefferies.



Han-Koch Brand, Roger Youngs, Bobby Ray, Bryan Grimbeek, Wade Grimbeek, Nicky Koeglenberg, Raniel Koeglemberg, Dylan Nel, Gert Brink, Tiaan Louw, JP Kotze, Hendrick Beets, Shafiek Firfury and a returning to Tygerberg Raceway Pierre Kotze did battle out there.Tiaan Louw sadly had problems with his car in race 1 which lead to the retirement of his car for the rest of the show. Hendrick Beets is very quickly getting back to his old self and is challenging hard upfront. Dylan Nel had an uneventful night and was not a happy chappie. Bobby Ray, Raniel Koeglenberg and Shafiek Firfury had a great little dice in the final but Raniel eventually passed them and disappeared into the distance. However it was Pierre Kotze that made a stunning return to TRW and methodically drove away from his opposition….. When all was done here it was….. 1st Pierre Kotze, 2nd Nicky Koeglenberg, 3rd Han-Koch Brand.



Only a handful of drivers came to have fun, Burger vd Merwe, Hennie Bosch, Mark Fontini, Bennie Olivier, Duane Prinsloo and Chris Gardner were the entrants for the event. Burger was up to his winning ways again but was made to sweat a bit in race 2 when he really battled to get around Mark Fontini, with Mark making him work hard for that place. Hennie Bosch kept it steady the whole night and ran in the top three. Bennie Olivier had an up and down event and was not pleased with his evening. Duane Prinsloo ran as constant on Saturday night as he’d been running the whole season (Martin was telling me that they ran every race event and every race throughout the summer season and finished every race). What a great achievement to Duane and his Dad Martin….. When the V8 boys were done it was….. 1st Burger vd Merwe, 2nd Mark Fontini, 3rd Hennie Bosch.DSC_2243.jpg




 DSC_1302.jpgJB Lazerus, Izak Spies, Chris Liebenberg, Jean Steyl, Gabrie Gelderblom, Fanie Mostert, Willie Dames, Eerick Horn, Danie Sandenbergh, Karel Bakker and Altru de Klerk were the “ THUNDER BOYS “ out there. Chris Liebenberg had a new car out there and when he got used to it was an unstoppable entity on the night. Jean Steyl had proven once again that is matters not what he gets into he can make it work and as usual had a great evening out there. Willie Dames has one of his better events and every time he races his Late Model he gets faster and faster, Saturday night he had a blinder of a event. Eerick Horn is another man not to mess with as he now can mix it up with the best of the best. All the others pitched in and a great Late Model race show was produced with some serious side by side action as only the Tygerberg Raceway LM drivers can produce ( anything between 500 and 800 HP or there about )….. When the thunderation was over it was….. 1st Chris Liebenberg, 2nd Willie Dames, 3rd Jean Steyl.DSC_2089.jpg



IN THE SUPERS:- Eerick Horn, Ruhann Horn, Jacques vd Merwe, Riaan Smit, Corrie de Ronde, Wessel Rabe and PJ Fourie went at each other from the beginning. Riaan Smit was on a one man mission and he set the bar very high. Eerick Horn, Jacques vd Merwe and Wessel Rabe went after him in what was a great show of a high speed express train. Ruhann Horn was also very fast but smoke started trailing from his Midget and he retired early on. During the 2nd Midget race Wessel Rabe and Riaan Smit were chasing each other so hard that exit T2 they almost touched wheels as they exited that turn together and side by side….. DSC_1597.jpg


IN THE MIDGET CLASS:- Rudi Horn, Johann Moller, Andries Bezuidenhout, Francois de Witt and Bernard Theron came to race each other. Johann Moller had an upside down meeting as he had his fair share of moments out there. Bernard Theron had an almost ugly moment when it T2 the car flicked itself to the right and hit the wall semi hard which ended his race event on the spot. Andries Bezuidenhout had the best race meeting of his life in a car that sounded good and went well for the first time in years….. When all was done it was…..

IN THE SUPERS… 1st Riaan Smit, 2nd Jacques vd Merwe, 3rd Eerick Horn.DSC_2413.jpg

IN THE MIDGETS… 1st Francois de Witt, 2nd Rudi Horn, 3rd Johann Moller.




A big thanks to our friends from the Cape Hell Drivers and Kleinplasie Raceway that came to join all the Tygerberg Raceway drivers out there….. Also a big thanks to the management of Tygerberg Raceway for providing a great track for the season with some awesome race days, with lots of time, money and effert that went into it to royally entertain us… A big thanks to the committee for doing a lot of work during the season.


Well with all this the 2013/14 summer season has come to and end and we look forward to see you one and all for the start of the 2014/15 season round about September….. Watch press, website and facebook for details.


See ya then.


Franky Heunis (Commentator)