Race Report 20 February 2016

What a lovely weekend it was, starting with some rain on Friday and ended with awesome racing on Saturday! The 2nd event for 2016, the 1st Regionals 2016, the Nationals preparation race... this was good,!!!

I have a “soft” spot for the Midgets and Late Models, but I must hand it to the 2.1 Mod race drivers. They entertained, with had an utterly awesome evening of racing!! Every single 2.1 driver was in there, breathing exhaust fumes, waiting to take advantage. Well done 2.1 Modifieds, you were a pleasure to watch!

Unfortunately not everyone had a trouble free event. Fanie in Late Model T222 started Heat 1 in pole position, but unfortunately we encountered problems with the carburettor. Trust Fanie and crew to have it sorted before the Nationals! The red dragon of Hendrik Beets was also handing him some unexpected problems. Hendrik will make sure he is back for the Nationals!

Mr “Outlaw” Wessel Rabe found his groove again, stirring the pack, entertaining the crowd, ensuring action packed racing. Stukkie vd Merwe made sure we all remembered that motorsport is a dangerous sport... the accident was well handled by the scruitenering staff, marshals and medical staff. Everyone has a crucial role to play – thankfully Jacques got out of the, still able to jog to the infield. Hope to see him at the Nationals.

Tiaan Louw’s car decided to do an oil change and he had to retire for the evening. CJ Vos had a brilliant evening, landing him on the podium. Morne Groenewald also had a great outing. The car/driver combination is going in the right direction. Mr Prinsloo, you have been awfully quite, no more podium stands, no more “Elvis on the move”....hope to see more of you, soon!

As the dust settles and the thunder fades... the results were as follow:

1660’s     1st JP Du Plessis Jr

               2nd Marius Vos

               3rd Schalk vd Westhuizen

2.1 Mod     1st Matthew Jefferies

                  2nd Brennon Green

                  3rd Frikkie Marais

Hotrods     1st Kyle Huddlestone

                 2nd Bryan Grimbeek

                 3rd Pierre Kotze

Midgets     1st Wessel Rabe

                 2nd Johann Moller

                 3rd Eerick Horn

V8’s     1st Altru De Klerk

            2nd Morne Groenewald

            3rd Johan Groenewald

Late Models     1st Gabrie Gelderblom

                        2nd Eerick Horn

                        3rd Chris Liebenberg

The Lap Times for the classes were as follow:

1660                       20.55     Schalk vd Westhuizen    (Current Record 20.26 by Christiaan Richter)

2.1 Mods                 19.76     Hansie Moore                   (Current Record 19.14 by Hansie Moore)

Hotrods                19.72     Bryan Grimbeek               (Current Record 19.38 by Bryan Grimbeek)

Midgets               16.18     Wessel Rabe                      (Current Record 16.04 by Wessel Rabe)

V8’s                       20.18     Altru De Klerk                    (Current Record 19.14 by Altru De Klerk)

Late Models       16.97     Chris Liebenberg              (Current Record 16.18 by Chris Liebenberg)

These Late Models lap times are scary! They will be able to keep up with a midget…

Now its full steam ahead for the 1st National leg 2016 on 5 of March. Gates will open at 13:00 and there will be entertainment and prizes for the public, starting at 15:00. Racing should start around 19:00.


Race Report 30 January 2016

And so the start of the long awaited second half of the 2015/2016 season…

Welcome back, trust you all had a blessed festive season with family and friends; With all the parallel events running in Cape Town, Tygerberg for fortunate to have their stands packed. Thank you supporters, we appreciate your loyalty towards the club and sport.

Welcome to the new comers in the club. Drivers spend hours working on their cars, and we are fortunate to have the quality cars and driver combination at Tygerberg. Thank you for all the hard work, we enjoy the result thereof in the unforgettable show you people put up event after event.

Tygerberg Raceway will be hosting Regional and National events for 2016. The next race meeting is scheduled for 20 February of the regional series.

The voice of Tygerberg Raceway, Mr Flemming also had a surprise up his sleeve and a 1st for him. His son, Gavin joined him for the evening commentating. Well done Gavin!

The 1660’s class kicked off with 21 entries for the evening. Christiaan Richter is currently leading the class with Schalk vd Westhuizen breathing in his neck, with a 2 points difference. Ex TR driver, Wayne Skinner visited from George Motor club. Thank you Wayne, always welcome. Juan Verwey was haunted by gremlins in the 1st heat. We trust Juan to sort out his car before the 1st Regionals. Marius Vos kept a close eye on Schalk, as both made it clear that they are hunting podium positions. A sub-class in the 1660’s, called the 3-wheeler made it’s appearance on the track. Unfortunately we had only one entry, Brendan le Roux. Hope to see more in the near future. This class was not without any … Jacques jnr du Plessis rolled his car on the main stand straight. He managed to crawl out of the car, before the ambulance staff took care of him. Fortunately he escaped with only minor injuries, thanks to rapid response of our medics and marshalls.

The fastest man out was Christiaan Richter, 20.26

Podium standings:

1st Marius Vos, 2nd JP snr Du Plessis and 3rd Tersius Van Tonder

The fast growing 2.1 Modified, had 19 entries for the evening. Roelof Zeeman, from Oudtshoorn motor club visited Tygerberg Raceway for the event. Brennon Green has a 12 point lead in this class, with Matthew Jefferies chasing from behind. Hansie Moore, visited the class determined to take a 1st place for the evening.....and he did! Looking forward to see you back. Bobby Ray has some damage to his car, but we are sure to see the car back on 20 February in mint condition as always.

The fastest man out was Hansie Moore, 19.14

Podium standings:

1st Hansie Moore, 2nd Brennon Green and 3rd Andries Brand

The Hotrod class had 13 entries for the evening. This is 13 of the ultimate best Hotrods in SA! Kyle Huddlestone has a comfortable lead in the class. However, racing can never predicted and he will have to perform till the last checkered flag drops. Bryan Grimbeek, our birthday boy treated himself to an early prezzie....well deserved 1st place for the evening. Bryan drove that flaming dragon like a boss, with Kyle waiting to cash in on every opportunity. Hendrik Beets car, after the final reminded me of the cars used in the Mad Max movie.....After the finals, the red monster of Hendrik Beets reminded me of a Mad Max movie… Hope to see that car in full beauty restored at next event, TRW driver’s takes great pride in their rides! Michaela Norman had some oil gremlins during heat 1, also eying that season podium position.

The fastest man out there was Bryan Grimbeek, 19.38

Podium standings were as follow:

1st Bryan Grimbeek, 2nd Kyle Huddlestone and 3rd Nicky Koegelenberg

And then the fearless midgets… Wessel Rabe is leading the class with point, but there is a close battle for the current 2nd and 3rd position between Dante De Ronde and Eerick Horn. I think Eerick had some eyes on the program booklet before the race, knowing he had to win this event. And then mr Stukkie vd Merwe had to come and just remind them all, nothing is handed on a plate, you have to work for it. Welcome back Ruhann Horn, he also had a good race event. And then the people currently in front, don’t rest assure. Tol Hanekom is watching you and will collect any point he can put his tyres on!

The fastest man out there was Eerick Horn, 16.74

Podium standings were as follow:

1st Eerick Horn, 2nd Wessel Rabe and 3rd Jacques vd Merwe

The big V8’s had 10 entries for the evening. Gino Meyer was also visiting the race event and hope to see him again. Altru De Klerk is leading the class on point, just keep it consistent. Arrie van Zyl and Tiaan Louw have to collect some podiums here to catch up with him. Duane Prinsloo had some difficulty with his car, having a new engine, but practice makes perfect and during the Finals he was getting there. I would love to see him on the podium again. CJ Vos had some contact in Heat 1 and he had to retire. Hope to see VOSMA T27 on 20 Feb. During Heat 1, Tiaan had to work hard for a win and so he did, getting the podium at the end of the event.

The fastest man out there was Tiaan Louw, 19.58

Podium standings were as follow:

1st Tiaan Louw, 2nd Altru De Klerk and 3rd Johan Groenewald

And the last class for the report, Late Model racing at Tygerberg Raceway! A good turnout and had 10 entries for the event. Uncle Roger Youngs got himself a Late Model and joint the action, T26. Early in the race, it was clear T99 will not rule tonight… Gabrie, PJ, Eerick and Fanie were getting ready for an awesome race meeting. It’s not always possible to explain the speed these drivers do around the track. From the stands, it looks fast. Next to the track, it is fast. On the infield, it’s insanely fast and then there drivers still have to brake and turn these monsters. Saturday again show the class skilled drivers he have. Going into turn one, Danie was closely followed by Chris and Eerick. Danie spun out in the turn, Chris and Eerick now had to do synchronized swerving to outside to avoid a collision, decisions that are made on gravel in split seconds. Fanie came to the track, not feeling well and at one stage was thinking of loading the 222, calling it an evening. I’m so glad he did not… As the saying goes, he drove it like he stole it. Awesome Awesome Awesome Faan. But be aware, PJ is knocking on that 1st position. Karel Bakker had a good evening, getting a top 5 for the night and Izak is also getting the combination sorted between driver, car and engine. I can’t wait for the 20st Feb to witness these drivers entertaining the crowds.

The fastest man out there was Fanie Mostert, 17.37

Podium standings were as follow:

1st Fanie Mostert, 2nd PJ Fourie and 3rd Gabrie Gelderblom

Driver Of The Day was awarded to Eerick Horn, referring to the midget class. Congratulations Eerick!

Thank you oom Japie of Union Signs & Graphix for the trophy.

And that concluded the evening. Thank you to each and every spectator, marshal, staff and driver for your positive contribution in making the event a huge success!

See you all 20 February 2016 for the 1st Regional event 2016.

Race Report : 14 March 2015

Welcome to the second leg of the Regionals 2015. Again awesomeness is written all over it, there is no business like Show Business – Tygerberg Raceway got the groove! It was hard racing with a few unfortunate accidents, but the Lord kept his hand on each driver and all are OK after the lights went out. Like one of the 1660’s drivers said: “This is racing, not ballet!” It is getting to the end of the season and was hard core to the bone.


Lap Times

2.1 Class – 3rd 20.00 ThysValentyn, 2nd 19.96 Pierre Kotze and 1st 19.94 Brennon Green

Hotrods – 3rd 20.20 Nicky Koegelenberg, 2nd 20.18 Han-Koch Brand and 1st 19.62 Hendrik Beets

V8’s – 3rd 20.24 Tiaan Louw, 2nd 20.17 Morne Groenewald and 1st 19.82 Arrie Van Zyl

Midgets – 3rd 16.81 Jacques vd Merwe, 2nd 16.53 Johann Moller and 1st 16.31 Wessel Rabe

1660’s – 3rd 20.93 Juan Verwey, 2nd 20.91 Schalk&Christiaan and 1st 20.70 JP Du Plessiss snr

Late Models – 3rd 17.46 Danie Sandenberg, 2nd 17.28 Chris Liebenberg and 1st 17.04 Izak Spies



We had nine entries in this class. These drivers must be fearless on the track and once again they put up a great show. Wessel “UFO” Rabe drove the alien blood out of his rocket, but Jacques and Johann kept him on his toes. Ruhann had a great evening in his SA monster, but Shawn Jordaan was also in the race to collect silverware, only being his 3rd event at TRW. Unfortunately Eerick Horn and Shawn Jordaan only managed a top 5 in this event, but still collecting valuable regional points. The top 3 was:- 1st Wessel Rabe, 2nd Johann Moller and 3rd Jacques vd Merwe



The Hooligan squad of TRW, the entertainers, Christiaan Richter and Juan Verwey had a huge accident, Christiaan applying for his pilot wings. This was real scary stuff, but then you stand back and watch him getting out of the new Golf Caddy now and you realize the importance of the scrutinize process and the value of those rowel cages. Frans and Rudi had a close wheel inspection on the fly-by, tyre high in the air. And then Christiaan refers to himself as;-WielieWalieRond-Om-Talie Richter. Hope you get that car back on the track quickly. I know there is lots of willing, helping hands. You look at this: 5th place 45 point, 4th place 45 point, 3rd place 45 point, 2nd place 47 point and 1st place 47 point. Wow Wow Wow, 2 point difference between 1st and 5th. Marius Vos had an awesome vehicle recovery in the main straight and was always a serious competitor of note. Juan Verwey grabbed 4th place, the accident prevented him from collecting silverware. When the lights turned red and the chequered flag dropped, the places were as follow:-1st JP Du Plessiss snr, 2nd Willem van Zyl and 3rdSchalk vd Westhuizen.


2.1 Modified

Armand de Villiers and Jaco Warrington managed a top 5. Last event Jaco found himself in the loose gravel a few times, planting mielies. I think he changed the seeds and a great event for him. His getting better out there every time he gets on the track. The lucrative top 3 is coming… 2nd to 5th position was close on points, but Pierre Kotze was on his own point system. When the motors were turned off, the results were as follow:- 1stPierre Kotze, 2ndThys Valentyn and 3rdBrennon Green.



I don’t know if the Hotrods copied the 1660’s or other way around, but between 3rd and 5th there was only 4 point difference. Bryan Grimbeek had a great event, but unfortunately had a wall accident in the finals. He left the track via ambulance, but is OK. Han-Kock Brand and Nicky Koegelenberg both scored 41 points, collecting a top 5 position for the event. The way Hendrik Beets drove that red monster around the track, must be a mini Late Model. When those Hotrods engines were finally tamed, the results were as follow: - 1stHendrik Beets, 2ndLlewllyn Kotze and 3rd Kyle Huddlestone.



A nice turnout for this class as well, 8 cars entered for the event. Tiaan Louw is doing a bit of “network hopping” drove the car of Hennie Bosch. Unfortunately he had to retire early in the event. Duane was again mr Constant, found himself between the front runners. Mark Fontini did some tweaking of his car and that was visible in his performance. Keep doing what you do, you getting there Mark. When the “old boys” went back to the pits, the results were as follow:- 1stAltru De Klerk, 2ndMorne Groenewald and 3rd Mark Fontini.

Thank you Duane for those quick dance lessons…


Late Models

The race event entries started with only 9 cars that entered, but early Saturday morning mr Elvis answered the race track call, making it a 10 pack again. Fanie Mortert tried to move that wall, but found that there was a bigger force than that Late Model – concrete! Hope the damage is minimal and hope to see you at the next event. Danie Sandenberg had to retire at the start of the Finals and Gabrie Gelderblom had a great race event, pushing for that 1st place. Eerick Horn was driving Thysie’s old car under the new 14. He had a nice 3 wheel event around the corners. Chris “Warrior” Liebenberg was again one with his machine, but all was not handed on a plate to him and the rest of the pack made sure about this. JB Lazarus had a good run, had he entered earlier he would have been under the top 3. JB and Izak only managed a top 5 for the evening. When the thunder died in the distance, the results were as follow:- 1st Chris Liebenberg, 2ndGabrie Gelderblom and 3rdEerick Horn.


I think Tygerberg Raceway will have its own Ballroom Dancing Stars at the yearly price giving! This was awesome stuff, the club’s spirit was electrifying!!


Words from Wade Grimbeek: “One realises what a big family you have in the racing fraternity when competitors show their concern the way they have tonight. Thanks to everybody for being true friends. I am truly blessed to be part of Tygerberg Raceway. Here’s to gr8 friends! “


And that concludes the race event. Keep your calendars open for the 18th of April for the next race event.


See you all here!



ce Report Race Report : 31 January 2015: 31 January 2015

Race Report 2015/09/05

Weereens baie goeie racing op Tygerberg Raceway met die opening van die 2015/2016 seisoen. Die motors is goed voorberei, vertoon baie mooi en vining, kan net groot dinge laat gebeur deur die nuwe seisoen.  Daar is nou nog byeenkomste 19 September, 10 Oktober en dan die Nationals op 31 Oktober.

Ongelukkig moes ons die seisoen afskop met n hartseer verlies van n TR lid, spanmaat en vriend, JB Lazarus T15 Late Models.  Ons almal het ‘n traan gedroog, met die afskeids parade en finale sien van T15. Vrede vir die familie, ons gebede bly met jul. Spesiale dank aan Japie Scholtz – Union Signs & Graphics, Takkies Fourie – Fourie Sand en Danie Mostert – Condec Concrete vir jul borgskappe en hulp.

Een van die hoogte punte van die aand, was definitief die Hotrod finaal. Met ‘n paar groot, ervare name agter hom was Kyle Huddlestone kalm en beheersd tot die val van die wit en swart.

In die 2.1 kan ons maar vir Dewald De Villiers dop hou. Met n foutjie in die 2de been, het hy goed herstel en klaargemaak met n podium plek. Die bak is nou klaar beskadig, so los nou maar die remme!

Mark Fontini het n goeie eerste wedren gehad in die Late Model. ‘n Foutjie in die tweede been het die einde van die aand beteken.  Die gremlins het die Late Models behoorlik beet gehad. Fanie Mostert het daarin geslaag om die vinnigste rondte-tyd op te stel vir die aand, 17,65s. Jean Steyl is terug met die T34 monster en sal beslis mee rekening gehou word.

Dankie aan ons besoekers. Altyd lekker om besoekers te ontvang.  Welgedaan Corne met ‘n rondte tyd van 20.82s in die V8 klas.  Izaan Keller behaal n 2de plek in die 1660’s. Geluk besoekers!

So vinnige opsomming van die tye:
1660’s            20.25    Schalk vd Westhuizen
2.1’s               19.84    Frikkie Marais
HotRods        19.78    Jason Jordaan
Midgets         16.60    Wessel Rabe
V8’s               19.68    Altru De Klerk
LateModels   17.65    Fanie Mostert

Met die val van die vlag, kan daar slegs een wenner wees.

1ste        Schalk vd Westhuizen
2de        Izaan Keller
3de         Shawn Bester

1ste        Brennon Green
2de        Dewald De Villiers
3de        Raniel Koegelenberg

1ste        Kyle Huddlestone
2de        Dylan Nel
3de        Bryan Grimbeek

1ste        Wessel Rabe
2de        Dante De Ronde
3de         Shawn Jordaan

1ste        Arrie Van Zyl
2de        Altru De Klerk
3de        Johan Mills

Late Models
1ste        Gabrie Gelderblom
2de        Eerick Horn
3de        Izak Spies

Ter afsluiting, was daar twee spesiale toekennings vir die dag, naamlik Driver Of The Day / Sportsman Of The Day. Phil Herold is aangewys as die Sportman van die dag.  Dankie Japie Scholtz, Union Signs & Graphics vir die borg van die trofees.  Die nuut aangestelde veiligheids verteenwoordiger van die FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile), het ook die aand bygewoon en na afloop vir TR gelukgewens met n uitstekende wedren.

Driver of the day, was so kopkrapper, met n paar sterk kandidate. Baie geluk aan Schalk vd Westhuizen, wat weggeloop het met die titel.  Jy het seker die wedren van jou lewe gehad!

Sterkte vir die karre wat bietjie aandag nodig het.  Sien julle 19 September..............”same place, same time”! We Do It Sideways On Dirt!

Race Report

21 February 2015

The second race meeting for 2015 and the racing left me speechless… What an awesome race meeting it was. If you missed it, you missed a piece of racing history! It was one of the most exciting events in the history of Tygerberg Raceway.

Lap Times

2.1 Class – 3rd 19.70 Brennon Green, 2nd 19.64 Thys Valentyn and 1st 19.55 Pierre Kotze

Hotrod – 3rd 19.94 Dylan Nel, 2nd 19.61 Hendrik Beets and 1st 19.44 Kyle Huddlestone

V8’s – 3rd 19.88 Arrie Van Zyl, 2nd 19.43 Tiaan Louw and 1st 19.42 Altru De Klerk

Midgets – 3rd 17.03 Eerick Horn, 2nd 16.96 Wessel Rabe and 1st 16.41 Johann Moller

1660’s – 3rd 20.46 Willie Richter, 2nd 20.40 Jean-Pierre Du Plessis and 1st 20.36 Tersius Van Tonder


This was tough racing, from beginning to end. Willie Richter pushed hard for a top 3, but had to settle for 4th place. Vosma’s, Marius Vos had a brilliant race event, always finding him among the top 5 cars. Your winner for the class had to fight his way from the back of the pack, collecting that 1st place.

1st Tersius van Tonder, 2nd Marius Vos and 3rd Schalk Van Der Westhuizen

2.1 Modified

Jaco Warrington found himself on the loose gravel a few times and only managed to grab a top 5 for the evening. Next time Jaco. The top 3 in this class really put together a great show. The point difference between 3rd and 2nd, was only 2 points and between 2nd and 1st 6 points.

1st Pierre Kotze, 2nd Thys Valentyn and 3rd Brennon Green


Michaela Norman managed a top 5 in the class and beating her to the 4th place, Nicky Koegelenberg with only 2 point difference. Han-Koch Brand also had a brilliant return to the race track. Dylan had some gremlins in the second heat, but commitment/determination brought him to the podium. Dylan missed the No1 podium with only 2 points.

1st Hendrik Beets, 2nd Dylan Nel and 3rd Han-Koch Brand


Jacques and Dante managed a 5th and 4th position for the evening. At the end of the evening, there was only 8 points difference between 1st 2nd 3rd. What can I say:- “Rooi Is Mooi” and Johann Moller drove that 58 Midget to the limit. I think I heard the commentators refer to him at one stage as... Malkoppie.

1st Johann Moller, 2nd Eerick Horn and 3rd Wessel Rabe

Heavy Metals

Johan Mills was the only competitor in this class, grabbing the No1 trophy. But rumours are that we might see him in a 8 Cylinder at the next event…


Tight racing, but all clean with no major hick-ups. Mark Fontini, busy sorting out his car, managed to grab a top 5 for the evening. Keep your eyes on Mr Fontini JNR. The Lexus class is impressive with some good prepared cars. At the drop of the flag, the points difference in the top 3 positions were 3 points.

1st Altru De Klerk, 2nd Arrie Van Zyl and 3rd Morne Groenewald

Late Models

Chris Liebenberg started heat 1, being the old Mr Late Model, lapping most of the competitors. Heat 2 was owned “JB Lazarus Property”. JB had a brilliant race in heat 2, with Izak Spies and Chris breathing in this neck. He kept his race line and pushed his T15 to the limit. The finals had to be re started, with the COC having to step in to calm the drivers. Gabrie Gelderblom and Fanie Mostert managed a top 5 for the evening. Eerick Horn collected silver in both Midget and Late Model class.

1st Izak Spies, 2nd JB Lazarus and 3rd Eerick Horn

WP Colours

The Western Province Motorsport Colours were also awarded at the prize giving. The 1st   position received a WP badge. All winners received a WP number plate with a car sticker.   Well done to all our winners, proud to have you as part of Tygerberg Raceway.                


Here they are now, your hero’s! WP Jou Lekker Ding!

1660 WP 2014

1st Jean-Pierre Du Plessis (jnr), 2nd Jacques Du Plessis & 3rd Tersius Van Tonder

2.1 Modified WP 2014

1st Thys Valentyn, 2nd Leigh DeWet & 3rd Pierre Kotze


1st Bryan Grimbeek, 2nd Dylan Nel & 3rd Han-Koch Brand


1st Eerick Horn & Jacques Van Der Merwe, 2nd Johann Moller & 3rd Wessel Rabe


1st Hennie Bosch, 2nd Duane Prinsloo & 3rd Bennie Olivier

Late Models

1st Eerick Horn, 2nd Danie Sandenberg & 3rd Chris Liebenberg

Thank you everyone for a memorable race evening. The next event will be on 7 March, 1st round of the Nationals 2015 in PE. The next event at Tygerberg Raceway will be 14 March.

See you all here!