This was also a racked and stacked class as approx 20 took to the grid for race 1. Allan Martin and Jan Everson represented TEAM NAMIBIA in this support class, they were however joined by many other hotshots like Hendrick Beets, Dylan Nel, Han-Koch Brand, Hank Els, Roger Youngs, Bryan Grimbeek, Armand de Villiers, Kyle Huddlestone, Tiaan Louw, Carlo de Lang and JP Kotze. Jacques Bester (The Wild Child) made a welcome return to oval track racing after been out for a while in an boxie BMW and it will only be a matter of time before he is back on pace. Joining Tygerberg Raceway was Jaco Warrington and for a driver that has never run on dirt before did exceptionally well. Pieter Meyer who drove an Goudini and Gavin Fleming in a Golf were the only two tin tops out there in what was a stew of great 2.1 and Hotrod stars, and they did very well under very difficult circumstances, sadly for Gavin the Golf’s block cracked and he had serious overheating problems, however he was not going to be outdone and in one of the races when JP Kotze tried to force him onto the infield he forced his way back at him causing bumpers to fly off Kotze’s car with Kotze eventually spinning himself out causing multiple chaos behind him. Tiaan Louw on the other hand was on a one man mission and it was left to the others to try and haul him in. As for our Namibia friends Allan Martin and Jan Everson (who had never raced on TRW’s track before) they sistamatically learnt throughout the event and were right on pace by the time we got to the finals of the evening…..


When the action was done here it was…. 1st Tiaan Louw, 2nd Kyle Huddlestone, 3rd Han-Koch Brand.

  >> THE 1660 MOD CLASS 




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Chris Liebenberg het die regte van Dirt Oval Racing by MSA bekom en DIRT OVAL 4 SA tot stand gebring.


Al die bestaande MSA grondbane (dirt oval) val nou onder DIRT OVAL 4 SA en sal net soos MSA en WOMZA hulle lede se wedren belange hanteer.


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