13 APRIL 2013


Hello and welcome to all. Last weekend we had the second last club championship meeting at Tygerberg Raceway and with 113 entries in the pits it was pencilled in to be a show-stopper of note and it was just that. It was probably the best show of the summer season so far… Added to all of this we had one of the Western Cape’s top radio stations here as well in BOK RADIO, and together with some of their announcers and local Cape Town Afrikaans singing artists it lit up the event even more… We had Wimpie van der Sandt (radio manager), Le Lue Roode (DJ and singer), Kuter (DJ) and singers in Paola Donadio, Shaun Tait, Warren Elliot and Wynand Barnard together with the circuit owners daughter Leone Liebenberg. So you can imagine what an event it was.

IN THE 1660 CLASS…..
This class was action packed from race one and it continued throughout the evening with hardcore racing, close racing, in your face racing and lots of drama out there, Dirk Bosman, Gerald Lotter, Tersius van Tonder, Barend Spies, JP Bredenkamp, Tiaan Scott, Berus van der Westhuizen, Johan Carstens, Willie Richter, Christiaan Richter, JP du Plessis, JP (jnr), Jacques du Plessis, Wayne Skinner, Abdulkader Adams, Heinrich Etzebeth and Arnold Swart were all over each other the whole evening with everyone giving it their all and with no room for error you can imagine what it must have been like with everyone of them being a hotshot in their own right. We had one or two incidents during the event when firstly Izaan Keller had a spin exit H&H corner and Arnold Swart together with two other drivers hit him very hard putting Izaan out for the rest of the event. Secondly, during the final Wayne Skinner had a spin in the same place due to a deflating tire and was collected hard by Abdulkader Adams and Barend Spies leaving all three cars in a bit of a state, due to all of this Jacques du Plessis took avoiding action and almost hit the wall further down the straight. When all this action was done it was Tersius van Tonder in P1 followed by Willie Richter in 2nd and Jacques du Plessis in 3rd.

Just as in the 1660 class this class was full of action and excitement. Dylan Nel, Nicky Koegelenberg, Ruan Koen, Brennan Green, Leigh de Wet, Thys Valentyn, Michaela Norman, Armand de Villiers, Dewald de Villiers, Raymond Jefferies, Matthew Jefferies, Wade Marshall, Benito Oosthuizen and Gary Fleming were all in there to put up a heck of a performance. During one of the racers the De Villiers and Jefferies family members were all over each other like a rash mixing it up with each other yet keeping it neat and tidy. However it was all about Ruan Koen (ex quad rider) who made them sweat out there with a stunning performance that put him on the top step of the podium with Dewald de Villiers in 2nd and Matthew Jefferies in 3rd. Sadly Gary Fleming had tire issues and Wade Marshall broke a CV during the event.

The light shone brightly on a certain driver that has always been threatening to pounce and now “SHE” has, yes Michaela Norman set the world alight last weekend when she drove away (quite literally) from all competition leaving them all wondering what just happened. Hank Els and Bryan Grimbeek were the only two close to her, however Nicky Koegelenberg and Dylan Nel tried their level best but it was not meant to be as Nicky had his own problems and Dylan had the rear wing of his car come loose which resulted in him receiving the “Japanese” flag due to body damage and was excluded from that race. Joining them out there was Raniel Koegelenberg, Jaco Koen, Han-Koch Brand, Gert Brink, Bobby Ray, Shafick Firfirey and Roger Youngs. Roger had a great outing and ended 4th for the event after improving his car and driving style in leaps and bounds. Gert Brink just like Nicky Koegelenberg had an night he’d rather forget. We also welcomed back an old driver that has been in “moth balls” for a few seasons namely Leon Volschenk back to the fray. Late Model ace Jacques Bester put in an appearance in a space frame Opel Astra but had problems with that car. Bobby Ray is slowly coming to grips with his Fiesta hotrod. When all was settled here it was Michaela Norman in P1 with Hank Els in 2nd and young gun Bryan Grimbeek in 3rd.

Jacques van der Merwe was in an “ugly” mood and no one could come remotely close to him last weekend, Shaun Zurich tried but had mechanical issues most of the night. Dante de Ronde and Eerick Horn were the only two that could put up an resistance to his form. Stefan Engelke  and Mark Conyers gave it their best but it was in vein. Bennie Engelke did his best as well in his new car but it did not work. When the “speed” boys were done it was Jacques van der Merwe 1st, Dante de Ronde 2nd and Eerick Horn 3rd.

The Midgets had a decent field and favourite Johann Moller arrived thinking he would walk away with it but Bernard Theron sank his boat very quickly when the two of them were involved in a great fight the whole night for top honours, Willie Visagie and Francois de Witt were there to hassle them right through the evening. Tol Hannekom and PJ Fourie had an night they’d be glad to put behind them. PJ pulled out of the event on the starters orders lap just before the opening race of the evening got under way. However the big accident of the event came in this class when Martin Tolken touched wheels with Dirkie Bester sending Bester rolling twice in the H&H corner and loosing a wheel in the process. Some great in this class with Bernard Theron coming up trumps followed by Johann Moller in 2nd and Willie Visagie in 3rd.

Tiaan Louw’s dominance continues but the fight between himself and Burger van der Merwe is far from over, these two were in each others hair the whole night long and made each other work hard for top honours, They were joined by Altru de Klerk and Hennie Bosch who were not far behind just waiting for one small mistake. Johan Engelbrecht was also in there but had issues as the night went on. We had seven six cylinder heavy metal class cars from Kleinplasie Raceway join us to make up the numbers and together they had a great event amongst each other, A big thanks to Hendrik Vos, Frikkie Theart, Jaco Conradie, Mannetjies Davids, Tolla Truskey, Avril Adams and Louis Swarts in their Ford Sierra’s, Saphires and BMW’s for putting up an great show. When it all was done it was Tiaan Louw in 1st place with Burger vd Merwe 2nd and Altru de Klerk in 3rd.

Chris Liebenberg continued where he left off at the last event and was totally unstoppable, not even Jacques Bester could come remotely close to a man that was in that form. However there was some great dicing and fighting between Jacques Bester, Eerick Horn, Izak Spies, Danie Sandenbergh, Steve Anderson, Jean Steyl, Gabrie Gelderblom and Karel Bakker for that second and third positions. Danie Sandenbergh had the event of a lifetime and did the best his ever done by claiming an 2nd spot for the evening in a class where everyone fought for second place. After the thunder calmed down it was Chris Liebenberg 1st, Danie Sandenbergh 2nd and Jacques Bester in 3rd.


This class is getting bigger and bigger as the season progresses and with a record amount of entries it was one to watch. It was a mixture of TRW, CHD and KRW cars. Johan van Dyk, Stefan Marx, Johan Smit, Jacques Pienaar, (a returning Tersius van Tonder Snr), Morne van der Merwe, Pieter Meyer, Len Wentzel, Shaheen Amlay, William Wheeler, Karel Cordier, Lionel Taylor, Jacques van Dyk, Jayde Lynch, Rudi Horn and Ruan Jordaan were amongst another ten more other drivers at least that all put up an spectacle of note. With in your face racing and plenty of cars out there the track is always full of cars and as a driver you need eyes all round you head if you want to race in this class. One funny incident happened here when Jacques Pienaar had a Golf that in the final of the evening began to self destruct as the race went on, with firstly the doors coming off one by one the boot lid coming loose and a semi deflated tire, but he carried on to still finish the race. Lionel Taylor for been a rookie with only two races to his name did very well and finished in the top 5 in the final. When this large field was done for the evening it was Jacques van Dyk 1st, Tersius van Tonder (Snr) 2nd and Jacques Pienaar 3rd.


The BOK RADIO DJ’s and local Afrikaans singers came to do a celeb race and did not disgrace themselves. One or two laughs was had when Le Lue Roode was taken out by Kuter and Warren Elliot bounced over the infield tires, but good fun was had. Shaun Tait who has never driven before won the race by a massive margin (a racer in the making). When all was done it was Shaun Tait in P1, Leone Liebenberg in P2, Paola Donadio in P3, Wimpie ver der Sandt in P4 and Kuter in P5 followed by the rest…..


Another awesome blockbuster was hosted by Tygerberg Raceway and its management, A big thanks to all visiting drivers from Cape Hell Drivers, Kleinplasie Raceway and George Motor Club.

The next big event which is the club final will be on the 4th May and another surprise will be in the bag of surpises.

Till then… Cheers all
Frank Heunis (Commentator).

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