26 OCTOBER 2013

Hi and welcome to the 2nd race event at Tygerberg Raceway. The weather was absolutely fabulous with some great racing action. It was officially the 1st club event of the season even though the drivers had scored club points at the National Qualifyer prior to this event. With almost 90 cars in the pits the racing was of a high standard and it was action from flag to flag and more.

We had 21 driver/car combinations arrive and boy was it a showstopper of note. Some of the names to mention was Barend Spies, Willem v Zyl, Johan Carstens, Tiaan Scott, Christiaan Richter, Willie Richter, Dirk Bosman, Tersius v Tonder, Jacques du Plessis, JP du Plessis, JP du Plessis (jnr), Brandon le Roux, Bertus vd Westhuizen and a returning Cedric Burger had a flyer of a race meeting. Tersius v Tonder had a horrible start to his night when he retired only a few laps into race 1 and they had to work hard to get his Golf ready for race 2 but the night never went that well for him in general. Both JP (snr) and Jacques du Plessis had bad outings with both of them retiring before the night was done (their nightmare season continues). Bertus vd Westhuizen and Brandon le Roux had a fabulous event and they are going to be in with a shout at the end of the season, (but that’s still far away). Tiaan Scott was right in the mix the whole evening long but retired his Golf with mechanical issues. Mariette Brand did well in her Opel but had to retire with smoke pumping out the back of the car. Cedric Burger made a welcome return in his Golf and did quite well in the end after a shaky start to the evening. Sadly for JP (jnr) his night came to an abrupt holt when he received an black flag and was excluded from the rest of the event by the COC. Gawie Hendricks (Snr) came to join us in his Ford Ka and also did very well towards the end after he battled with it during the early part of the event. Schalk vd Westhuizen entered but his race meeting ended even before it got underway with car problems… When the racing was done it was… 1st Willie Richter, 2nd Barend Spies, 3rd Dirk Bosman.
dsc 10541 result

Ruan Koen, Brennan Green, Leigh de Wet, Nicky Koeglenberg, Chris Etzebeth, Michaela Norman, Dewald de Villiers, Tertius de Kock, Eugene Zoghby, Raymond Jefferies, Matthew Jefferies and Christo Kotze were just a few of the many names to pitch up and put up a great show. Dain Parish is slowly but surely improving and its only his 3rd tine out on the track. The “tin top” boys in Chris Etzebeth, Pieter Meyer and Gavin Fleming had an awesome outing keeping in mind that their equipment is not quite up to date with the more updated stuff out there. The older hands in Raymond Jefferies and Christo Kotze had an very average night according to their standards and did not make the top 5 even. Michaela Norman (the only ROSE amongst the THORNS) had an superb night and drove like a real “STAR”. Tertius de Kock is also slowly but surely getting used to his SLK. However it was Chris Etzebeth that had an brilliant evening and made the most of the old tin top Golf and made the guys with the more expensive equip sweat it out….. When it was all said and done it was….. 1st Dewald de Villiers, 2nd Michaela Norman, 3rd Matthew Jefferies.
dsc 10141 result

Hank Els arrived at TR with one thing in mind, and that was to show the “young guns” how its done, and he achieved that with great success, he took on Dylan Nel, Han-Koch Brand, Armand de Villiers, Bryan Grimbeek, Tiaan Louw and JP Kotze all young gun hotshots and showed them the way to the flag. It was however Dylan Nel that had car issues and retired before the event was done. Nicky Koeglenberg blew the Corsa’s motor sky high in race 1 and that was the end of that. Hendrick Beets also went well for a while but retired his car with smoke and flames coming out from underneath. Pieter Niemand also retired his Astra before the end of race 1. The Brink family (Gert jnr and snr) also had an up and down event but were always in there to pick up if someone got it wrong. Raniel Koeglenberg was also getting faster towards the tail end of the evening. During the finals Bryan Grimbeek had diff issues and Bobby Ray a flat tyre and they kept out of the way and circulated one behind the other till the flag, however it was earlier on that the very same Grimbeek (Jnr) picked up his first and maiden win in his short career….. When the racing was all over it was…. 1st Hank Els, 2nd Tiaan Louw, 3rd Bryan Grimbeek.

dsc 30312 result


In the SUPERS Mark Conyers was the man to beat, Bennie Engelke gave him a run for his money but did not succeed, Stefan Engelke gave him a go as well but surcame to car problems, Wessel Rabe’s midget is still not quite right but is slowly but surely getting there. It was Shaun Zurich that arrived and gave Mark a go, he could’ve made a success of it if it wasn’t for an horrific accident in the finals (we will get to that still). In the 2nd heat Shaun and Wessel made accidental contact in exit T1 resulting in Shaun retiring from that race, with only points from race 1. Shaun Zurich wanted to beat Mark Conyers badly and shattered the lap record so fast he was going but got tangled up half way down the main straight into the turn with Rudi Horn and rolled and flipped the Super Midget about 5 times at least damaging the car serverly (thank goodness he walked away from that massive accident). When the speed boys were done it was…. 1st Mark Conyers, 2nd Bennie Engelke, 3rd Wessel Rabe.
dsc 10874 result

In the MIDGETS Johan Moller, Bernard Theron, Rudi Horn, Francois de Witt and Chris Groenewald arrived to do battle. It was however all about Moller and Theron the whole night. Francois de Witt and Rudi Horn gave them a go but was not quite on their pace (very close though). Chris Groenewald was there to pick up if you messed up and he did just that with de Witt having car issues and Horn being involved in that huge crash he sneaked up into the top three and deserved it… When all was done here it was… 1st Johan Moller, 2nd Bernard Theron, 3rd Chris Groenewald.

dsc 10949 result

Only a handful of them arrived and it was nice to see CHD’s Mark Fontini come to race at Tygerberg Raceway, he however battled with rear axle problems and retired the Camry after race 2. Johan Engelbrecht and Duane Prinsloo were very close to each other the whole night long and Duane gave a performance of a lifetime, (the best yet) and really drove very well. However no one could keep up to the two “new era” V8’s of Burger vd Merwe and Hennie Bosch and they ran away with the show… When all was done it was… 1st Burger vd Merwe, 2nd Hennie Bosch, 3rd Johan Engelbrecht.
dsc 10975 result

“SIR“ Chris Liebenberg showed us all why he deserves that title as once again he was in devastating form and nobody could get remotely close to him, only Otto Graven and Thys Valentyn managed to hang in there. SUPERVAN Sarel vd Merwe was systematically getting used to his LM and got his maiden win in race 2 but bad luck hit him in the finals when once again the steering rack of his car broke at the same place on the track as at the last event. However Gabrie Gelderblom, Danie Sandenbergh, Jean Steyl, Willie Dames, Karel Bakker, Altru de Klerk and a late arriving Eerick Horn put up a stunning show between them for the minor places and the racing was very close and tight between all of them. During one of the races Altru de Klerk tried extremely hard to pass Danie Sandenbergh in T2 and climed all over him resulting in pieces of de Klerk’s LM being shread off his car in T1 luckily both cars survived to the end of proceedings… When the THUNDER BOYS were done it was… 1st Chris Liebenberg, 2nd Otto Graven, 3rd Thys Valentyn.
dsc 10670 result

Another superb race event was had by Tygerberg Raceway and a big thanks goes out to our friends from CHD and Kleinplasie Raceway that came along to join in and have fun… The next BIG EVENT at Tygerberg Raceway will be on the 16 November 2013 and you won’t want to miss that one.

Till then… Keep well.
Franky Heunis (commentator).