Hi and welcome back to part two of two of the INTERNATIONAL RACE EVENT between TEAM RSA, TEAM UK and TEAM NAMIBIA, this time round the English and Namibian drivers took on the might of the SOUTH AFRICAN HOTROD TEAM. All in all we once again had almost 100 race cars in the pit area all classes and everyone was ready to get the action started.


It was once again Kym Weaver, Dean Wood, Stuart Mc Laird, Paul Frost, Mikey Godfrey and Trevor Dibnah from the UK and Allan Martin, Jan Everson and Freddie Stander from Namibia that showed that this time they are going to make hotrod team RSA sweat it out and they did just that, from the start it was a outright war on a track that was very slippery, but nobody gave or took and inch. In heat one, Nicky Koeglenberg and Han-Koch Brand had a get together with lots of accidental damage to Han-Koch’s car putting him out for race 1, Tiaan Louw and Raniel koeglenberg also had tiff out there, both of these issues happened on lap one. As the race progressed we had a massive issue in T2 where approx seven cars spun out including the likes of Wade Grimbeek, Allan Martin and Tiaan Louw with some extensive damage to Louw’s car. As the heat progressed Stuart Mc Laird rubbed up against the wall on the front straight and stopped up against it forcing a full course yellow caution, but all was not over yet as Armand de Villiers and Dylan Nel also spun bringing out another full course yellow flag, we eventually made it through race one. Freddie Stander from Namibia showed us all that he is not slow in a Polo Hatch and mixed it right in there with the quicker drivers. However as the night went on the UK, Namibian and RSA boys were very evenly matched in what was of the best racing money can buy. Kym Weaver, Paul Frost, Mikey Godfrey, Allan Martin and Jan Stander were right in the mix with Gert Brink, Wade Grimbeek, Dylan Nel, Bryan Grinbeek, Armand de Villiers, Hendrick Beets, Nicky Koeglenberg, Hank Els, JP Kotze and Han-Koch Brand. Dean Wood had a flyer of an opening race but sadly for him he popped the motor of his car and that was the end of that. Hendrick Beets has had a nightmare of a comeback but all fell into place this weekend and he was very difficult to catch. However in the finals all came together for Jan Everson and nobody could keep up with him as he ran riot during that race giving the only International victory in two Saturdays to an overseas team, all the others was from The RSA teams….. When the heart stopping action was done it was…. 1st Jan Everson ( NAM ), 2nd Bryan Grimbeek ( RSA ), 3rd Kym Weaver ( UK ).


Some awesome racing took place here right from the start. It was a slip and slide show in race one but the guys hung in there and provided some great action throughout the night. Frikkie Marais, Rudi Horn, Gavin Fleming, Roger Youngs, Leigh de Wet, Ricardo Davey, Matthew and Raymond Jefferies, Michaela Norman, Pieter Meyer, Jacques Bester, Thys Valentyn. Dewald de Villiers, Carlo de Lang, Tertius de Kock and Jaco Warrington were all in each others faces from start to finish. However as the show went on we had a double retirement for Raymond and Matthew Jefferies in race 1 with Raymond not continuing for the rest of the event. Egbert de Waal ( who is related to Deon de Waal ) did pretty well in only his 2nd outing but retired the Kadette up against the wall. Pieter Meyer in the Beetle had a great run with a car that is almost standard but did lick the wall in T1 pretty hard at one time. Rudi Horn in the Mazda that is also standard had a bonnet pop open and had to retire from one of the races due to that. Gavin Fleming’s overheating problems in the Golf seems to be sorted out and did a lot better than the previous weekend. Bobby Ray joined the class for the finals and went like the merry clappers in a car that is almost sorted out the way it needs to be. Jaco Warrington also had a horrible event and retired the Clio before the night was done. A lot was expected from Ricardo Davey but not all went his way and he found himself way down the field….. When the modified and hotroders were done it was….

1st Carlo de Lang, 2nd Michaela Norman, 3rd Dewald de Villiers.


As usual this class is as hardcore as it gets with very hard and in your face racing. JP du Plessis, Jacques du Plessis, JP du Plessis (jnr), Wayne Skinner, Tiaan Scott, Bertus vd Westhuizen, Zack Groenewald, Cedric Burger, Dirk Bosman, Willie Richter, Tersius vann Tonder and Shaheen Amlay are only a few names that did battle with each other. As the night went on in one of the races there was a massive war between all three the Du Plessis’s, Tiaan Scott, Zack Groenewald, Wayne Skinner and just ahead of them Tersius van Tonder, in what was an epic dog fight out there. Chris Olivier in the Mini had a bad event as he retired the car during the 2nd heat. Dirk Bosman had a night he’d rather forget as he had an up and down race event. JP (jnr) was right in there but picked up car issues and retired the Polo before the evening was done. Shaheen Amlay and Shaun Bester had a great night and these two are getting quicker and quicker especially Shaun as it is only his 2nd race meeting. However in the finals Willie Richter went up on the inside of Zack Groenewald and Tertius v Tonder on the infield of T1 trying to steal the lead from them when he misjudged himself very badly and went straight into the drain in the infield sending his Golf ramping at least two metres in the air, needless to say that was the end of his race meeting as there was some damage to that car…. However when the “hooligans” had done there thing it was….

1st Tersius van Tonder, 2nd Zack Groenewald, 3rd JP du Plessis (snr).


IN THE SUPERS… Riaan Smit made a welcome return to oval racing after been out of it for a very long time and he lost none of his flare as he gave Corrie de Ronde, Wessel Rabe, Eerick Horn, Bennie Engelke, Stefan Engelke, Jacques vd Merwe and Ruhann Horn a run for their money. During one of the heats Jacques vd Merwe and Riaan Smit hooked wheels down the back straight which could have disasterous as they could’ve flipped, but thank goodness that never happened. Ruhann Horn also made a return, but still needs to get the midget sorted out before he can put in a serious challenge for top honours.....


SUPERS…. 1st Wessel Rabe, 2nd Jacques vd Merwe, 3rd Riaan Smit.


R503IN THE MIDGETS… PJ Fourie also made a welcome return to racing and joining him was, Francois de Witt, Johann Moller, Lammie Kotze and Anco Jordaan. Johann Moller did some serious battling with Francois de Witt and it could have been a top step podium for him if he didn’t spin out in the finals, that cost him dearly. PJ Fourie’s car isn’t right yet but watch him as the season goes on ( he is not an club champ for nothing ). Anco Jordaan drove a borrowed car and didn’t do as well as was expected but that is understandable….When the speedsters was done it was…
MIDGETS…. 1st Francois de Witt, 2nd Lammie Kotze, 3rd Johann Moller.



Attie Nel, Burger vd Merwe, Hennie Bosch, Bennie Olivier, Arrie v Zyl, Mark Fontini, Duane Prinsloo and Johan Mills arrived to race each other. During the second race of the evening there was a massive fight for second place between Attie Nel and Bennie Olivier with them all over each other. Attie Nel gave Burger vd Merwe a real go for it out there and points wise for the event Burger just-just beat Attie. Bennie Olivier is getting much faster out there and he’ll be campaigning for a podium sooner than later. Mark Fontini is also systematically getting used to the dirt in his very quick Camry. Hennie Bosch is also setting the world alight with his machine and the 1st place for the day is not too far away. Duane Prinsloo and Johan Mills did battle out there of which Prinsloo got the better on Mills…. When all was done it was….

1st Burger vd Merwe, 2nd Attie Nel, 3rd Hennie Bosch.

Eerick Horn, JB Lazarus, Karel Bakker, Izak Spies, Jean Steyl, Gabrie Gelderblom, Danie Sandenbergh, Mike Wilson, Fanie Mostert and Sarel vd Merwe put their F1’s of V8’s through their paces on Saturday night. For once Jean Steyl didn’t have it all his own way and was made to really sweat it out by Gabrie Gelderblom. Gabrie was the pick of this class for the evening and romped away with nearly all the honours. There was only four points between 2nd and 4th when all was done. Danie Sandenbergh had another brilliant outing and a 1st spot in P1 is not far off. Eerick Horn had another constant race event and ended in the top five. Mike Wilson drove superbly and the top three steps of the podium is not too far off for him. Sarel vd Merwe and Fanie Mostert had a average event but when it all jells they will be flying…. When the “thunderboys” settled down it was….

1st Gabrie Gelderblom, 2nd Jean Steyl, 3rd Izak Spies.


Seven Hotrod drivers will be considered for SA NATIONAL COLOURS and they are…

Wade Grimbeek, Bryan Grimbeek, JP Kotze, Armand de Villiers, Tiaan Louw, Hendrik Beets and Gert Brink (snr).




Well done to all of you, you all will totally deserve it… Congratulations.


What a great event and series was had by one and all. A big thanks to everyone involved in making it such a massive success. An even bigger thank you to all our INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS for coming to our shores, we hope to see you all back here soon again, also a big thanks to our friends from Kleinplasie Raceway for coming to join in the activities. The next big event at Tygerberg Raceway will be on the 1st March 2014. Hope to see you all there.


Till then… Keep safe.
Franky Heunis (commentator)