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12 OCTOBER 2013

Hi, and welcome to the opening round of the 2013/14 oval track race event at TYGERBERG RACEWAY. It was not such a great day as far as the weather was concerned as it dripped and spat all day long on and off with a huge shower at one stage which almost put pay to the whole event. Luckily the weather played with and we had as usual another great race event. The opening show at TR was a MSA National Qualifier and close to 90 cars in all classes stood in the pits and waited for the weather to play with.

With 27 cars entering for the day and most of them arriving it was always going to be a show of note, of the main roll players that were all over each other the entire evening was Willie Richter, JP du Plessis (jnr), Tiaan Scott, JP du Plessis, Christiaan Richter, Barend Spies, Tersius van Tonder, Johan Carstens, Jacques du Plessis, Wayne Skinner, Dirk Bosman, Jacques Pienaar, JP Bredenkamp and Burger vd Westhuizen. One could barely separate this group with an tissue as they left it all out there on the day. Sadly for JP (snr) his problems continue from last season and he retired early. Johan Carstens also had issues towards the end. JP Bredenkamp went well but had a very sick sounding Fiesta and retired before the final. Jacques du Plessis went well and if it wasn’t for a shunt in the wall I believe he could have got a top three. The mid pack dice was as exciting with Willem van Zyl, Mustapha Mia, Schalk vd Westhuizen, Mariette Brand, Brendan le Roux and Ebrahim Mia also having a go at each other. We had one semi bad issue when in race 1 there was a tussle between Tersius van Tonder, Burger vd Westhuizen and Karel Cordier leaving Cordier slammed nose first into the wall in turn 1 putting him out for the night very early. However the final was one for the books when JP (jnr). Tertius van Tonder and Burger vd Westhuizen went big time one on one with some serious “rubbing is racing” stuff but all made it to ths checkered flag in the end (however the COC had his warning flag ready)….. When the racing was done it was…
1st JP du Plessis (jnr), 2nd Tersius van Tonder, 3rd Christiaan Richter

dsc 10238 result

With 20 cars entering here the battle lines were drawn for a good one and it was just that. Matthew Jefferies. Pierre Kotze, Raymond Jefferies, Christo Kotze, Dewald de Villiers, Michaela Norman, Kyle Huddlestone. Eugene Zoghby, Nicky Koegelenberg, Leigh de Wet, Thys Valentyn, Wynand du Toit and Barend du Plessis were of the top drivers that made one another sweat it out on the track. However in race 1 Dewald de Villiers and Thys Valentyn battled at the back of the pack in some pretty slippery conditions (it went much better afterwards). Nicky Koegelenberg had a good start to the evening but retired the Corsa (2.1) soon in race 1. Tertius de Kock arrived with a great looking Merc SLK and when he gets it all sorted he will be among the top boys. There however was a dice in this class that raged on in all 3 races in the mid-pack between Michaela Norman, Kyle Huddlestone, Eugene Zoghby, Leigh de Wet and Tertius de Kock that drew a huge amount of attention. Sadly for Ruan Koen and Pieter Meyer their event ended early with car issues. Sadly for Raymond Jefferies he had a night he’d rather forget as all went wrong out there including a spin and a DNF in the final. We welcomed a “new” driver to dirt oval racing from tar Minis namely Gavin Fleming to this class and the young man did himself very proud in this group of “hotshots” and had a few good dices with Chris Etzebeth out there on one or two occations….. When the racing was done it was…..
1st Matthew Jefferies, 2nd Dewald de Villiers, 3rd Pierre Kotze

dsc 10374 result

We had 15 cars enter for this one and as mentioned before the race was on, Hank Els, Dylan Nel, Tiaan Louw, Nicky Koegelenberg, Gert Brink, Gert Brink (jnr), Bryan Grimbeek, JP Kotze, Han-Koch Brand and a returning Hendrik Beets made life very difficult for one another out there and it was game on from the opening bell. Bobby Ray is improving with his Fiesta and had a good dice with Raniel Koegelenberg at one stage but Bob was plagued with flat tyres and a brake issue. Sydney van Rensburg also stuck it in with the boys and did a great job out there. Sadly for Roger Youngs he had car problems from race 1 and retired soon afterwards. Hendrik Beets was at one stage beached on top of a tyre and in trying to rescue himself made contact with Hank Els but thankfully no harm was done. However it was Nicky Koegelenberg that had a flyer of an show in coming from the back of the pack in most of the races and blowing his way to the front (what a stunning drive by Nicky)….. When all was done here it was…..
1st Nicky Koegelenberg, 2nd Dylan Nel, 3rd Hank Els

dsc 10698 result

Burger vd Merwe, Arrie van Zyl and Attie Nel made this class their own for the night with only Hennie Bosch that had an chance of catching them. The four of them really put up an impressive show throughout the evening. Johan Engelbrecht also gave chase but he tried so hard that the motor gave in eventually. Duane Prinsloo has come to grips with his flexi and it is going a whole lot quicker than last season (keep it up). CJ Vos who is new at the game joined us as well and did well for a first time out at TR and we hope to see him join us again. Gail Swart from East London joined us for the first time this season but was plagued with a gearbox issue….. When the racing was done here it was…..
1st Burger vd Merwe, 2nd Arrie van Zyl, 3rd Attie Nel

dsc 40269 result

Mr Late Model RSA Chris “WARRIOR“ Liebenberg showed one and all why he deserves that title as he ran around TR on three wheels for most of the night leaving the front left wheel hanging in the air for at least 50% of every lap (it was something to witness, totally unreal). However he was not alone out there and even though he dominated the show some superb racing was to be had by Gabrie Gelderblom, Jean Steyl, Danie Sandenbergh, Izak Spies, Willie Dames, Otto Graven, Thys Valentyn, Altru de Klerk, Karel Bakker and Eerick Horn. However the biggest downer for the evening was when “SUPERVAN“ Sarel vd Merwe broke a steering rack in race 1 and rubbed up against the wall and we only saw him in the finals of the evening  when Sarel has that LM sorted out he will be right on Chris’s pace)….. When all the noise subsided it was…..
1st Chris Liebenberg, 2nd Eerick Horn, 3rd Otto Graven

dsc 30797 result

In the SUPERS it was Mark Conyers, Stefan Engelke, Bennie Engelke, Eerick Horn and a returning Wessel Rabe that came out to play. Sadly it was not a good night for the Engelke’s as both father and son retired before the night was done. Wessel still needs to come to grip with his ride and he will once again be as quick as he was back in the day.
In the MIDGETS only Andries Bezuidenhout, new man Chris Groenewald and another new man to midgets Rudi Horn pitched up. Rudi has made the transition from a car to a midget very well and won the class by far. Andries’s midget had a bad misfire towards the end but still did well….. When all was done it was…..
SUPER MIDGETS 1st Eerick Horn, 2nd Mark Conyers, 3rd Wessel Rabe
MIDGETS 1st Rudi Horn, 2nd Andries Bezuidenhout, 3rd Chris Groenewald

dsc 40244 result

A great opening round was had at Tygerberg Raceway and we thank all TR’s drivers as well as our friends from Kleinplasie Raceway… Then our guest drivers from far away namely George, Oudtshoorn, East London, Kimberley, Bloemfontein and Windhoek… We look forward to the next big show which will be a club event on 26 October 2013.

Until then look after yourselves
Franky Heunis (Commentator).




The off season has been too long for most of us and the enthusiasm to get the season started is infectious. While we as competitors and spectators have rebuilt cars and followed alternative sports through the winter months the cogs have been turning in the confines of the Tygerberg Raceway premises with some great improvements coming to pass.


The enlargement of the club house has been on the cards for a long time and the project will be completed before the season opener. The hall is now literally double the size with a massive new bar for the thirsty people. The addition of spacious inside toilets connected to the hall is also a major improvement from the old single standing toilets in the darkness behind the hall. The acquisition of a large quantity of chairs and tables will now allow many more people to sit and enjoy the prize giving and after party, and this linked to a surround sound PA system with clear sound means we can now have respectful enjoyable prize giving’s. The ongoing efforts of Herman Kemp in the catering division are fully appreciated and the quality of the food is beyond reproach with the opening hours slowly but surely getting extended more and more.


The grass surrounds are being prepared around the whole premises for the summer season opener and the pits are now fully encircled with vibracrete. The improvement in the pit perimeter will help to ensure limited or no access to unwanted entities and will maintain the safety factor in the pits regarding tools and belonging’. This will also alleviate the problem with the unknowledgeable strollers who are going to get run over in the pits sooner or later as the entry lists grows and the pits become more congested. The new redesigned trailer park is also a safer area than with the previous layout.


Furthermore the lights on the two long light poles in the infield have been cleaned up and re-aligned with what I am led to believe to be significant improvements to the lighting on the circuit itself. Individual additional lights around the circuit have and will still be added for spectator and driver convenience. The retaining wall has received a nice fresh coat of paint and numerous of the ads upgraded and updated as well.re sized image


With the advent of national and international motorsport coming to Tygerberg Raceway the necessity has arisen for a suitable seating position for the ministers and dignitaries that will be frequenting our meetings, and for this reason a cement double story boma in the middle of the pit corner has been erected. This raised glass clad viewing platform will enhance awareness of our sport as we systematically invite selected dignitaries throughout the season.


Extensive work on the track surface has once again been the order of the day after the extended period of time after the final event for people to undertake free practice sessions to make the necessary improvements on their cars and driving skills. The sound system will be pre season tested on the day of the practise session to insure clear equal sound around the circuit.


There are a dozen more bits and pieces of improvement you will see upon your arrival at the first event on the 14th of September but let it suffice to say no time has been wasted in the off season to prepare the premises for capacity crowds in the new season.


DSCF3000On behalf of Chris and Christelle Liebenberg in conjunction with Nicky Koegelenberg and the senior staff at Tygerberg Raceway we would like to thank everyone who graced the entrances of Tygerberg Raceway last season to make it the biggest season in the history of the circuit.


And as we stand on the brink of another massive season, may we wish all the drivers the best of luck for the season to come and to promise you the spectator wall to wall entertainment and variety at South Africa leading gravel oval arena. GARY FLEMING