Tygerberg Raceway Annual Pricegiving 2012/3



Saturday 25 May 2013 Tygerberg Raceway had its annual prizegiving at the Rusticana Wine estate near Klapmuts and was enjoyed by all who attended. The venue was brilliantly prepared and all the champions in all classes received what was due to them. A very hard and competitive season has come and gone and the organizers and management of Tygerberg Raceway went out of their way with no expenses spared to provide a brilliant function and venue for all who were part of the club for the season... Here is a brief rap of the function.

The evening was opened by the chariman Nicky Koegelenberg who gave a brief talk about the season in general and thanked all that was involved and explained where the club is mobing and what the vision of TRW is for the new season. He also thanked Chris and Christelle Liebenberg for creating such a great club for all to take part on. He then called Pieter Theron to the stage to do his thankyou's.

Pieter Theron (COC) then went on to thank all from his side and said that he was happy to see TRW move in the right direction and was very proud to be part of the club. He then proceeded to do the marshals and officials awards for all who were part of the club for the season. He then called Chris and Christelle Liebenberg to the stage to do their thankyou's.

Chris and Christelle then made their speech about their vision for the club which revceived a huge ovation from all. They then proceeded to do their special awards. They handed out awards to individuals who did work above and beyond for the club.

The awards was handed out to:

  • Abri de Bruin (Photographer)
  • Andre Alberts (Website)
  • Louw Bosch (Technical consultant)
  • Pieter Theron (COC)
  • Gary Fleming (Commentator)
  • Frank Heunis (Commentator)

After supper was served and entertainment was provided by Vos Reyneke and Freddie (who entertained us with brilliant music, singing and humour) we moved onto the main award function.

Here is a rap of all the class winners for the 2012/3 season.


Standard Saloons

3. Altru de Klerk (New era V8)     3. Shaheen Amplay (Mini then Golf)
2. Tiaan Louw (New era V8 Chev Impala)     2. Pieter Meyer (VW Beetle)
1. Burger vd Merwe (New era V8)     1. Edwin Strang (Gordini)



3. Nicky Koegelenberg (Corsa Flexi)     3. Willie Visagie
2. Hank Els (Fiesta Flexi)     2. Francois de Witt
1. Jean Steyl (Corsa Flexi)     1. Johann Moller


2.1 Mod Class

3. Willie Richter (Golf)     3. Nicky Koeglenberg (Corsa Flexi)
2. Christiaan Richter (Golf) and Jacques du Plessis (Nissan Exa)     2. Thys Valentyn (Corsa Flexi)
1. JP du Plessis (jnr) (Polo Hatch)     1. Dewald de Villiers (Clio Flexi)

Late Models

Super Midgets

3. Eerich Horn     3. Stefan Engelke
2. Jacques Bester     2. Jacques vd Merwe
1. Chris Liebenberg     1. Dante de Ronde

Best Prepared Car

Most Imporved Driver:

The nominees were: The nominees were:
Stefan Engelke Johann Moller
Johan Moller Stefan Engelke
JP (jnr) JP du Plessis (jnr)
Dylan Nel Matthew Jefferies
Raniel Koegelenberg Bryan Grimbeek
Bryan Grimbeek Altru de Klerk
Burger vd Merwe Gabrie Gelderblom
Chris Liebenberg Shaheen Amlay

The Best Prepared Car went to:

The Most Imporved Driver was:

  Burger vd Merwe JP du Plessis (jnr)

Chairman's Award:

This award went to two people that was chosen by the chairman himself.

The award went to... Jacques Schoemand and Louw Bosch.

Sportsman of the Season for 2012/3 Award:

The nominees were:

    • Chris Liebenberg
    • Hank Els
    • Bobby Ray
    • Nicky Koeglenberg

The sportsman fo the Season for 2012/3 went to...

    • Chris Liebenberg

In Closing

      After the awards function was completed once again Vos Reyneke and Freddie entertained everyone to great music, song, dance, humour and all round entertainment and a awesome evening was had by all till the early hours of the morning.
    Until 2013/14 Go well, Frank Heunis (Commentator)

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