PodiumHi and welcome to another blockbuster event at Tygerberg Raceway. Last Saturday we held the first leg of the WP REGIONAL DIRT OVAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. This is a regional that will eventually lead to drivers obtaining WP colours for dirt oval racing. Something different was tried in that the first three cars over the finish line at the checkered flag will be the top three for the event. Also the podium was placed in the centre of the arena so that the public can be involved in the prizegiving as well… This does not however interfere with the drivers overall points for the club championships. We had just over 70 cars in the pit area and the guys were ready to go and do their thing out there.

IN THE 1660 CLASS…..
1660For the first time in a while this class was dominated by the Du Plessis family, they were unstoppable and even though the rest tried they could not keep up to them. Schalk vd Westhuizen, Wayne Skinner, Tiaan Scott, Willie v Zyl, Brendan le Roux, Mariette Brand, Dirk Bosman, Willie Richter, Shaheen Amlay, Tersius v Tonder , Shaun Bester and Chris Olivier all gave it their best shot. A lot of these names had all sorts of issues out there and only a handfull of them made it to the end of the event. Schalk vd Westhuizen retired with mechanical issues, Brendan le Roux had flat tyre problems during one of his races, Dirk Bosman was just not on pace as always, Chris Olivier retired the Mini after been involved in a crash in T2. Tersius v Tonder had a dismal event and retired for the night during the 2nd heat. Shaheen Amlay’s race event ended early when he hammered the wall pretty hard down the back straight in heat one and that was the end of his evening. Willie Richter also had a flat tyre during one of his heats as well. During race 2 there was contact in T1 between Jacques du Plessis and Dirk Bosman but luckily both could continue, as the race continued there was also accidental contact between Chris Olivier, Willie v Zyl and Jacques du Plessis in T2, all continued except for Olivier. During the finals Willie v Zyl and JP du Plessis (snr) made contact with each other in the main straight, luckily both drivers could carry on. JP du Plessis (jnr) had a perfect evening with no issues at all….. When the family show was over it was….. 1st Jacques du Plessis, 2nd JP du Plessis (jnr), 3rd JP du Plessis (snr).

2100IN THE 2.1 MOD CLASS…..
Leigh de Wet, Armand de Villiers, Matthew Jefferies, Michaela Norman, Nicky Koeglenberg, Thys Valentyn, Tersius de Kock, Dewald de Villiers, Carlo de Lang and Egbert de Waal arrived to take each other on and they did just that. Michaela Norman had the drive of a lifetime and showed the guys the was to victory on one occasion as well. Nicky Koeglenberg had a horrible outing in this class and had continuous problems with his Corsa flexi. Armand de Villiers, Tersius de Kock and Egbert de Waal had a run in with each other in T1 race 1 with Armand and Tersius’s cars out for the rest of the evening. However in race 2 there was a major battle for 2nd spot between Matthew Jefferies, Michaela Norman, Thys Valentyn and Dewald de Villiers, they were all over and next to each other….. When the action was done it was….. 1st Carlo de Lang, 2nd Michaela Norman, 3rd Thys Valentyn.


hrBobby Ray, Gert Brink, Raniel Koeglenberg, Nicky Koeglenberg, Bryan Grimbeek, Wade Grimbeek, Dylan Nel, Han-Koch Brand, Hendrick Beets, Tiaan Louw and Roger Youngs were the drivers that put up a show for us. After doing so well in that one off race at the previous event Bobby Ray’s car would know nothing of the sort and he battled to control his Fiesta and had to drive at half throttle at one time. Wade Grimbeek was doing very well at one stage but his chances of a top three went out the window when he had to retire in heat 2 with a flat tyre. Bryan Grimbeek’s hopes a podium also flew out the door when he retired his car in the finals of the evening. Gert Brink had bad luck when he broke the propshaft of his Corsa and his night was done. Hendrick Beets looked promising but was another casualty during the finals of this class and pulled off the track. Dylan Nel was always in it but even he was battling in general. While all was battling Nicky Koeglenberg, Tiaan Louw and Han-Koch Brand was smiling all the way to the bank with a faultless event… When all was done it was… 1st Nicky Koeglenberg, 2nd Tiaan Louw, 3rd Han-Koch Brand.

Attie Nel, Bennie Olivier, Mark Fontini, Johan Engelbrecht, Hennie Bosch, Duane Prinsloo, Burger vd Merwe and Andre v Jaarsveld were the drivers to do their thing. In heat 1 there was a lovely tussle between Mark Fontini and Burger vd Merwe for the lead as the track was very wet and they kept on overtaking and re-overtaking each other much to the crowds delight. Attie Nel and Hennie Bosch also had a great show and were right in the faces of vd Merwe and Fontini the whole event long, keeping then near at hand was Johan Engelbrecht and Duane Prinsloo and if something went wrong they would pounce. Sadly for Bennie Olivier he had a great start but went off in T2 and hit the dreaded drain on the infield which caused major damage to his rear suspention, rear axle and wheels to his new era V8. Andre v Jaarsveld was battling to come to grips with his new car and we hope he can get it sorted out soon….. When all was done it was….. 1st Burger vd Merwe, 2nd Mark Fontini, 3rd Attie Nel.


Here was action a plenty with Eerick Horn, JB Lazarus, Karel Bakker, Willie Dames, Jean Steyl, Gabrie Gelderblom, Altru de Klerk, Danie Sandenbergh, Mike Wilson, Fanie Mostert and Izak Spies going to war with each other. During race 1 with the track still pretty wet these 800+ HP cars were not in a happy place and there was multiple spins virtually all over the track. Poor Gabrie Gelderblom was the first victim of destruction when he smashed into the wall exit T2 on the home straight and wrecked his Late Model rather badly ( he was ok ). Another casualty of war was Karel Bakker when he ripped into the wall in T2 and just like Gabrie his race event was done. Turn 2 for the Late Model drivers was their downfall as in that part of the world there was a issue involving Jean Steyl and Willie Dames, both drivers continued their campaign. However it ended in the final for Willie Dames when his right rear tyre blew out on him resulting in him retiring his car, he wanted to finish the race but obviously couldn’t. Mike Wilson also packed his toy away after having seriously bad handling issues. Fanie Mostert also had his fair share of problems but he is still learning his car. While they were having issues the rest of them were romping rather quickly around the oval… When the THUNDERBOYS were done it was… 1st Jean Steyl, 2nd Izak Spies, 3rd Eerick Horn.

Stefan Engelke, Eerick Horn, Ruhann Horn, Jacques vd Merwe, Bennie Engelke, Dante de Ronde, Corrie de Ronde and Wessel Rabe were the “ speed boys “ out there. These chaps were really giving it horns out there, sadly the night ended rather early for Corrie de Ronde who never came out onto the track after race 1 as he had mechanical gremlins plague him. Ruhann Horn is slowly but surely getting quicker in his Midget but still has a long way to go. Wessel Rabe and Jacques vd Merwe were the mtwo that had the crowds going wild with their “ Midget Madness “ driving style, however Eerick Horn, Bennie Engelke, Stefan Engelke and Dante de Ronde was there to always keep them honest. Johann Moller, Francois de Witt, Rudi Horn and Chris Groenewald were the MIDGET boys out there. Johann Moller did exceptionally well until he lost all power and idled his way around in the finals, this cost him P1 on the podium. Rudi Horn did well in the finals but retired half way through with car problems. Chris Groenewald had a horrible outing and retired his Midget before the event was over. Francois de Witt had a problem free evening….. When the SPEEDSTERS were finished it was.
SUPER MIDGETS… 1st Wessel Rabe, 2nd Jacques vd Merwe, 3rd Bennie Engelke.
MIDGETS… 1st Francois de Witt, 2nd Johann Moller, 3rd Rudi Horn.

Well done to all competators that took part in the WP REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and a big thanks to our friends from Kleinplasie Raceway that came to join us as well. Thanks to the management of Tygerberg Raceway for a great show… The next event at TRW will be an CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP event on the 15 March 2014. Do not miss it.

Till then… Go well.
Franky Heunis (Commentator).