16 FEBRUARY 2013


Hello once again everyone and welcome to the fourth last round of the Tygerberg Raceway club championships and this time we did something completely different in that we had team racing. It was the red team vs the blue team in all classes with the teams having names. The red team was called “INFERNO” and the blue team called the “SMURFS”. We knew it was going to be neck and neck racing as the two teams were very evenly matched. Added to this we had 99 on-line entries and a few more at the track. Drivers from CHD, Kleinplasie Raceway, Bredasdorp and PE also supported the event. Put all this into a pot with coals simmering and you have one heck of a race event.

IN THE 1660 CLASS…..

All the usual role players were there waiting to pounce but JP (Jnr) decided that he must run with the ball and that the others must catch him and they tried damn hard, JP (Snr), Jacques du Plessis, Wayne Skinner, Willie Richter, Christiaan Richter, Tersius van Tonder, Bertus van der Westhuizen, Dirk Bosman, Tiaan Scott, JP Bredenkamp and Johan Carstens chased him down hard. These drivers put on a show of note the whole evening with this class being the class that had the race of the event in their 2nd heat. Abdulkader Adams did well in the first two races but did not make the final due to mechanical issues. Michael Reynolds from the CHD came to play as well and did not do to bad with the dirt boys keeping in mind he is a tar “jock”. Gerald Lotter surprised all with his great driving and is the man that has improved in leaps and bounds, just a pity he was down in the finals but did well none the less. As per normal this class is hardcore and there is always “rubbing is racing” in this class and a touch more with some serious ego’s out there. What was great to see was the final when all three du Plessis family members got a 1,2,3 across the line. When the “brat pack” calmed down it was JP (Jnr) that stood on the top step of the podium with van Tonder in 2nd and Jacques du Plessis in 3rd.


The return of Raymond Jefferies was the highlight here, after he has been out of it for a good couple of seasons he lost none of his flair and ran hard upfront with all the top “dogs”. This class is just as close and competitive as the 1660’s and the racing was stunning last weekend. Dewald de Villiers, Nicky Koegelenberg, Armand de Villiers, Michaela Norman, Thys Valentyn, Matthew Jefferies and Dylan Nel fought each other upfront in what was a great show. Leigh de Wet did well and is coming to grips with track very quickly. Tertius de Kock is showing all that he is becoming a front runner in this class and with better equipment he will be chasing down victories. Benito Oosthuizen from the CHD once again joined the clan and is also coming to grips with the dirt once again. However it is Dylan Nel that has now eventually “arrived” and it’s just a matter of time before the victories start rolling in. Joining the front runners was Ruan Koen and Kyle Huddlestone and these two mixed it up with all the others with Huddlestone showing one and all that he together with Nel is the future of oval racing. Also coming to play was Guido Serroti from the CHD, he battled a bit as he has not raced on dirt for a long time but if he returns more often then we will see the “Joffe” of old. However when all was done in this class it was Nicky Koegelenberg that claimed the top step of the podium.


Once again it was Jean Steyl that set the “bar” very high but the others came to the party to give him a go. Bryan Grimbeek did very well and got a 2nd in one of the heats (that win will come). Nicky Koegelenberg, Dylan Nel, Hank Els, Kyle Huddlestone and Gert Brink chased him down in what was a Hotrod show of note. Roger Youngs, Raniel Koegelenberg, Shafick Firfirey and Han-Koch Brand sat right behind that group and if they made one error then they would pounce. We had a friend from P.E. come to join us and we welcomed Marius Rautenbach to TRW who by the time he made the final he was right in the middle of the lead pack and did very well. Christo van Zyl made a welcome return in what promises to be a very quick VW Beetle once it is all sorted out (it sure looks awesome). When the sound of rotaries died down it was Jean Steyl that mounted the top step of the podium.


This class has been dominated by Edwin Strang and Pieter Meyer and nothing changed last weekend except that 17 other drivers joined them and this class had the most entries. Joining them upfront was Jacques Pienaar, Ganief Darries, Rieyade Darries, Len Wentzel, William Wheeler, Bobby Ray, Barend Spies and Stanley Hamly together with a host of top CHD drivers in Nigel Thorpe, Rudi Horn, Dewald Burger and Quinton Saaiman together with Tyrone Els (son of Hank Els). There was also two lady drivers that ran for the first time in Mariette Brand and Chanelle Koch and these two had a baptism of fire out there but showed vast improvement as the night went on. Shaheen Amlay arrived with a Golf after canning the Mini and is going to run upfront once it is all sorted out. Karel Cordier had his second outing in the Datsun and is slowly getting used to it. Morne van der Merwe also had his second outing out there and is also getting in touch with the track. When all was settled here it was Edwin Strang from Pieter Meyer on the top two steps followed by CHD’s Quinton Saaiman in third.

The “SUPERS” only had four entries but was it a show of note as Eerick Horn’s issues are finally a thing of the past and it was a mammoth battle royal between him and Jacques van der Merwe for top honours, these two were joined by Dante de Ronde and Stefan Engelke who sadly picked up problems towards the end, but it was van der Merwe that cried king at the end of the night only just pipping Horn for overall victory with de Ronde in 3rd.

The “MIDGETS” had seven entries with Johann Moller, Anco Jordaan, Willie Visagie, Francois de Witt, Bernard Theron and new man Dirk Bester having an awesome dice among each other. Sadly PJ Fourie had problems out there and his night was cut short. It was however Johann Moller that was on the top step followed by Francois de Witt and Anco Jordaan.


Burger van der Merwe and Tiaan Louw continue their mighty duel out there and its great to see that Burger has the competition again (we never thought it would happen after Flippie Fourie sold his equipment). However there are two more hotshots on the horizon in Hennie Bosch and Altru de Klerk and very soon there will be a four way tussle for the lead, Sadly for Johan Engelbrecht his 55 Chevy had a glinch in race one and that was the end of that. We also welcomed back Duane Prinsloo after a short lay off in a ex Steve Andeson flexie with a Lexus motor in, when Duane shakes off the “ring rust” he will be a lot quicker. When the sound of V8’s settled it was Burger van der Merwe 1st from Tiaan Louw in 2nd and Hennie Bosch in 3rd.


After a superb show a couple of weeks ago against the Americans the LM boys carried on where they left off with stunning racing and very close action (I am happy to report that all LM drivers are now on the same pace). Chris Liebenberg, Jacques Bester, Eerick Horn, Otto Graven, Thys Valentyn, Danie Sandenbergh, Gabrie Gelderblom, Izak Spies, PJ Fourie, Steve Anderson and Johann Spies are all on par with each other. We welcomed Karel Bakker back and hope to see more of him. HOWEVER!!!! It was in this class that all the mishaps and most accidents happened when on two occasions and two set out finals that we had two separate big crashes out there and on both occasions we had multiple pile-ups in both corners leaving at least six very badly damaged cars at the end of the event, but the LM drivers always entertain. When the “THUNDER” died down our top three drivers all had the same points and it was to the books we go to split them. Once that was done it was Thys Valentyn 1st from Jacques Bester 2nd and Eerick Horn 3rd.

In short the racing between the RED INFERNO team and the BLUE SMURF team did marvels for team building within the TRW ranks and the spectators on the stand as one could see all the red and blue outfits that was worn on the day….. But there can only be one winner and it was the RED INFERNO team that won the very first TRW inter team challenge and team captain Gert Brink came to collect the floating trophy….. This challenge will now become an annual event.



Another superb show was hosted by Tygerberg Raceway’s management and we look forward to the next big event on the 16th March. We thank all the guest drivers from CHD (our neighbours down the road), Kleinplasie Raceway, Bredasdorp Motor Club and P.E. for coming to support.

Until we meet again watch press for info

Frank Heunis (commentator)

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