16 MARCH 2013


Hello and welcome all to the third last Tygerberg Raceway event of the summer season and the racing at TRW just gets better and better, the entertainment gets more and more and the show gets more stunning by every race event. Last weekend we had way over 100 enties in the pit area and the action on track was as usual of a very high quality. Added to all this we had something very special to give the crowd namely five AUSSIE SIDE CAR riders from Gauteng, it has been many years since Cape Town saw something like this.

IN THE 1660 CLASS…..

What do I say here but welcome “back” Tersius van Tonder as he was once again in devastating form with that Golf of his flying around the track, as usual in hot pursuit was Abdulkader Adams, Ryno Coertzer, Dirk Bosman, JP du Plessis, JP (jnr), Wayne Skinner, Tiaan Scott, Johan Carstens, Bertus vd Westhuizen, Willie Richter, Christiaan Richter, Gerald Lotter and Barend Spies just to name a few. Sadly JP (snr) had mechanical issues after race one and retired. Johan Carstens also picked up issues towards the end. Willie Richter and Ryno Coetzer were there or there about but were not quite on the pace that we always see them and they separately were caught up in a lot of “rubbing is racing” incidents. Bertus vd Westhuizen also had a spot of bother when in race two he lost a wheel in turn one, on the other hand something real strange happened when Wayne Skinner lost his entire fuel tank on the back straight causing JP (jnr) to almost ramp jump over it. Abdulkader Adams had a good outing for a change and was always in the fight. Dirk Bosman after a great show at the previous event had a “one he’d rather forget” meeting and was more off the track than on it. When all this was said and done it was Tersius v Tonder that stood on the top step of the podium.


Last time I mentioned that Dylan Nel was the “young gun” on the move and last weekend he proved it by by setting the “bar” very high, Kyle Huddlestone, Raymond Jefferies, Matthew Jefferies, Ricardo Davey, Nicky Koegelenberg, Dewald de Villiers, Armand de Villiers, Michaela Norman, Thys Valentyn, Leigh de Wet, Ruan Koen Gary Fleming and Benito Oosthuizen were all in pursuit and they were all over each other the entire event long. Nicky Koegelenberg had an poor evening when sadly nothing went 100% for him (better luck next time), Michaela Norman also had her fair share of bad luck as well. Benito Oosthuizen and Gary Fleming had at least one good dice with each other but Gary eventually retired for the evening with a newly build engine that is not quite right yet. Raymond Jefferies also retired his Fiesta after race one with mechanical issues. Cedric Burger for the first time had a lovely looking BMW out there but retired in race two with gearbox problems. Thys Valentyn who is always in great form also had problems with his car and retired the Corsa before the night was done. When the racing was done here it was Dylan Nel that was the “king of the castle”.


If the 2.1’s was not enough for him Dylan Nel decided that he would try to do the double in this class as well and he did just that, however Kyle Huddlestone, Hank Els, Bryan Grimbeek, Han Koch Brand, Roger Youngs, Gert Brink, Nicky Koegelenberg, Juan van Schalkwyk, Michaela Norman, Armand de Villiers, Jaco Koen, Shafick Firfiry and Bobby Ray were all there to make a great race of it. The Koegelenberg family in this class as well also had an event they’d like to forget. Bryan Grimbeek after threatening the whole season so far to take a win finally did it last weekend and it was a well deserved win. Bobby Ray is back in this class and was involved in a good little dice with Jaco Koen and Shafick Firfury. Juan van Schalkwyk started out well but had issues in race one and retired soon after that. When the sound of howling rotor engines was silenced it was Dylan Nel that here to was “king of the castle”.


This class is one that is growing from strength to strength and the entries are getting more every time they exit the pit gate. All the “top dogs” were out there and they crawled over each other the whole night long. Jacques Pienaar, Morne vd Merwe, Pieter Meyer, Len Wentzel, Martin vd Westhuizen, Shaheen Amlay, William Wheeler, Johan Smit, Stefan Marx, Wemer vd Merwe, Tyrone Els and Karel Cordier were among others that mixed it up with each other from heat one until the finals of the evening, but we had a few new names out there like Robin Benjamin, Iwan Koen and Lionel Taylor that learnt a lot out there. Lionel Taylor would (if there was one) have from a commentators perspective won the rookie of the day award as he went from not knowing what is going to happen next to late breaking and trying to get the tail out in the final with his Accent. Sadly Edwin Strang did not race the Gordini but gave his drive to ex midget ace Willie Basson who had his fair share of mixed feelings during the night. However it was a young man that stood on the P1 step of the podium namely Shaheen Amlay who went from learning in a Mini to blasting them in a Golf (he did have one win in the Mini a while ago).


Tiaan Louw, Burger vd Merwe, Arrie v Zyl, Altru de Klerk and Hennie Bosch rolled out onto the track as the favourites for the evening and they were joined by a much more improved Johan Engelbrecht and together these six put on a great show for the public as they showed one and all how to power V8 equipment around the oval. One expected Tiaan and Burger to be all over each other and they were until Tiaan got away and Burger had to work hard after that. Arrie v Zyl put up a stunning show after one week prior to last weekend when he raced his “new era” V8 on tar and did very well. These six were joined by Duane Prinsloo, Mannetjies Davids, Frikkie Slippers and Gail Swart. Gail came all the way from East London to race with us but sadly had fuel pump problems, a low revving motor and a flat tire which all resulted in a dismal event for her, but we know what this “ DIRT DIVA” can do and I’m sure she’ll be back again to join us in the near future. When the racing was all over here it was Tiaan Louw that occupied the top step with Arrie v Zyl and Burger vd Merwe not far behind.   


Shaun Zurich and Mark Conyers from CHD came to play at TRW last weekend and the hype was set for a stunning dice between them and Jacques vd Merwe together with Dante de Ronde, Stefan Engelke and Eerick Horn but sadly it did not quite work out as planned as Jacques retired before the end of lap 1 race1 and Mark and Eerick were slightly off pace, however Dante de Ronde and Stefan Engelke put up a show of note and in the finals of the evening at incredible high speeds touched wheels more than once which had the crowd up on there feet and the COC up in arms, how they never flipped only they know but it was an absolute show stopper. Shaun Zurich ran well but sadly retired during the finals. When these speedsters were done it was Dante de Ronde 1st, Stefan Engelke 2nd and Shaun Zurich 3rd.


Johann Moller continues to dominate this class and I don’t believe anyone will catch him. Francois de Witt, Anco Jordaan and Willie Visagie made it difficult but could not quite get there even though their racing was awesome. Andries Besuidenhout, Dirk Bester and Brian Houndsome all came to play but sadly had mechanical issues before the night was done. The top three here was Johann Moller from Anco Jordaan from Willie Visagie with Francois de Witt just missing out on a podium.


Chris Liebenberg was in mind shattering form last weekend when he had his LM on three wheels and almost on two wheels as he exited the corners, it was a “warrior” display like you’ve never seen before and quite scary if anything, but it was worth every cent to observe. Gabrie Gelderblom had his best outing ever in a LM and if there was a driver of the day he certainly would have been awarded it. Jean Steyl has once again joined the ranks of the Late Models and has lost none of the flare he had a few years ago. Eerick Horn and Steve Anderson were as usual very consistant and always in your face. Karel Bakker was once again out there and it’s good to see him come to grips with things. However it was Jacques Bester, Thys Valentyn and Danie Sandenbergh that picked up problems and that was rather unusual to see that. When the roar of rolling thunder settled it was Chris Liebenberg from Gabrie Gelderblom from Jean Steyl on the podium.


Five riders and jockeys came from Gauteng to give us a Side Car show for the evening and they did just that, only a pity their gearing was a bit out as they run on much shorter tracks up there, this did not prevent them from doing a great job. This borders insanity and you need guts to do what they do as the jockey is only centimeters away from the ground when they lean over the motorcycles to get them through the corners, added to this they run with no brakes at all. Sadly one team crashed rather heavily during the warm up session and they ended up with minor injuries (thank goodness).

A big thanks goes out to the following teams, Derek Hillian and Gordan Raath, Kallie and Konrad Britz, Gordon and Fiona Butler, Edwyn and Estelle Butler and the crash and tumble team Luke Kotze and Styles Walton. What a show you guys put up especially in the finals when bike 68 and 51 were almost side by side….. A huge thank you we hope to see you guys again… Soon.


As usual another great event was hosted and presented by Tygerberg Raceway and we look forward to seeing you all back on the 13th April. What I can promise is that it will be another block buster event….. Watch press for details.

Until then… Go well

Frank Heunis (commentator).


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